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‘Trump Bump’ Forces out MedTech Company from Best Dividend Stocks List

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This is a sneak peak at all the high-yield dividend stocks that we are currently evaluating for possible additions to our “Best Dividend Stocks” list. We update this list each week and do add and remove some names to it throughout the week. The stocks vary from micro-cap to large cap in size.

SymbolCompanyFri. CloseWeekly
% Change
Dividend Yield
TAXIMedallion Financial$10.34+7.93%9.28%
WINWindstream Corp$7.92+6.45%12.63%
ERFEnerplus Corporation$10.71+6.14%5.60%
HLSSHome Loan Servicing Solutions Ltd.$17.32+6.00%12.47%
MMLPMartin Midstream Partners L.P.$36.00+5.94%9.03%
LRELRR Energy L.P.$6.91+5.66%28.80%
MWEMarkwest Energy Partners L.P.$66.40+5.36%5.42%
PWEPenn West Petroleum Ltd$1.74+4.82%2.30%
BTEBaytex Energy Corp$16.38+4.80%7.33%
CPLPCapital Product Partners L.P.$9.73+4.74%9.56%
WHZWhiting USA Trust II$5.77+4.53%31.54%
TNKTeekay Tankers$5.93+4.40%2.02%
HCPHCP Inc.$43.99+4.37%5.14%
OKSOneok Partners L.P.$41.49+4.35%7.62%
NMMNavios Maritime Partners L.P.$11.54+4.15%15.34%
CTLCenturyLink Inc.$35.43+3.90%6.10%
TGPTeekay LNG Partners L.P.$38.13+3.84%7.34%
SDTSandRidge Mississippian Trust$3.59+3.76%33.97%
SMLPSummit Midstream Partners LP$32.59+3.76%6.87%
RLJRLJ Lodging Trust$31.76+3.69%4.16%
CNSLConsolidated Communications Holdings $21.89+3.65%7.08%
STWDStarwood Property Trust$24.45+3.38%7.85%
CORCoreSite Reality Corporation$50.41+3.21%3.33%
OHIOmega HealthCare Investors Inc.$41.48+3.16%3.47%
RPAIRetail Properties of America, Inc$16.10+3.14%4.10%
ARLPAlliance Resource Partners L.P.$33.02+3.06%7.87%
NNNNational Retail Properties$41.60+2.92%4.04%
HPTHospitality Properties Trust$33.46+2.70%5.86%
ETEEnergy Transfer Equity L.P.$63.76+2.51%2.60%
GMLPGolar LNG Partners LP$27.38+2.39%8.22%
CQPCheniere Energy Partners L.P.$30.69+2.37%5.54%
EPREPR Properties$60.72+2.21%5.98%
PAAPlains All American Pipeline L.P.$49.06+2.14%5.50%
SDRSandRidge Mississippian Trust II$4.31+2.13%34.80%
HIWHighwood Properties$46.29+2.12%3.67%
AINVApollo Investment Corporation$7.76+2.11%10.31%
LTCLTC Properties$46.09+2.10%3.82%
HRHealthcare Realty Trust$27.95+2.01%4.29%
NSNuStar Energy L.P.$62.00+2.01%7.06%
PDMPiedmont Office Realty Trust$18.83+2.00%4.46%
ORealty Income Corp$52.05+1.94%4.37%
ADCAgree Realty Corp$33.23+1.93%5.42%
SBRASabra Health Care REIT Inc.$33.35+1.89%4.68%
EXLPExterran Partners L.P.$25.18+1.86%8.86%
MCEPMid-Con Energy Partners LP$5.63+1.81%8.88%
FLYFly Leasing Ltd.$14.74+1.73%6.78%
IVRInvesco Mortgage Capital$15.69+1.69%11.47%
PGHPengrowth Energy Corp$3.06+1.66%7.84%
ABAllianceBernstein Holding L.P.$30.90+1.61%7.38%
NGLSTarga Resources Partners L.P.$40.87+1.59%7.93%
DREDuke Realty$22.04+1.57%3.09%
RRMSRose Rock Midstream L.P.$47.12+1.57%5.26%
WREWashington Real Estate Investment Trust$27.88+1.57%4.30%
HMEHome Properties Inc.$69.97+1.52%4.34%
NHINational Health Investors$71.57+1.52%4.75%
EXLExcel Trust Inc.$14.06+1.44%5.12%
SFLShip Finance International$14.90+1.43%11.28%
CLNYColony Financial Inc.$26.06+1.40%5.68%
MICMacquarie Infrastructure Company LLC$81.85+1.39%4.98%
CBLCBL & Associates Properties$19.79+1.33%5.36%
IRCInland Real Estate$10.79+1.31%5.28%
EROCEagle Rock Energy Partners L.P.$2.36+1.29%11.86%
ARIApollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc.$17.28+1.23%10.19%
ANHAnworth Mortgage $5.12+1.19%11.72%
NDROEnduro Royalty Trust$4.24+1.19%10.50%
SBRSabine Royalty Trust$39.86+1.14%13.37%
STONStoneMor Partners L.P.$29.19+1.14%8.50%
UHTUniversal Health Realty Income Trust$55.86+1.14%4.55%
ETPEnergy Transfer Partners L.P.$56.58+1.09%6.89%
KMIKinder Morgan Inc.$41.72+1.09%4.31%
ROYTPacific Coast Oil Trust$3.90+1.04%2.38%
GOODGladstone Commercial$18.65+1.03%8.04%
NRPNational Resource Partners L.P.$6.92+1.02%20.23%
CYSCYS Investments, Inc.$8.99+1.01%13.35%
ABRArbor Realty Trust, Inc.$7.05+1.00%7.38%
ROICRetail Opportunity Investments Corp$18.21+1.00%3.73%
NGLNGL Energy Partners L.P.$26.74+0.98%8.83%
PNWPinnacle West Capital $63.66+0.97%3.74%
HTSHatteras Financial Corp$18.25+0.94%10.96%
BIPBrookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.$45.78+0.93%4.63%
MPWMedical Properties Trust$14.97+0.88%5.88%
WPZWilliams Partners L.P.$48.76+0.87%6.97%
TOOTeekay Offshore Partners L.P.$21.43+0.80%10.03%
NRFNorthstar Realty Financial Corp$18.22+0.72%8.78%
MTGEAmerican Capital Mortgage Investment Corp$18.02+0.67%11.10%
MFAMFA Mortgage Investments $7.87+0.64%10.17%
AMTGApollo Residential Mortgage Inc$15.96+0.63%12.03%
MAINMain Street Capital Corp$30.89+0.62%6.22%
CHKRChesapeake Granite Wash Trust$6.65+0.61%32.78%
GTYGetty Realty Corp$18.27+0.61%4.82%
EEPEnbridge Energy Partners L.P.$35.93+0.56%6.35%
TLPTransmontaigne Partners L.P.$33.28+0.51%7.99%
CHSPChesapeake Lodging Trust$33.87+0.50%3.54%
RGCRegal Entertainment Group$23.26+0.48%3.78%
FPOFirst Potomac Realty Trust$11.93+0.34%5.03%
NRTNorth European Oil Royalty Trust Ctf Ben Int$12.28+0.33%11.40%
VGRVector Group$22.29+0.32%7.18%
ARCPAmerican Realty Capital Properties Inc$9.92+0.30%10.08%
PNNTPennantpark Investment Corp $9.09+0.22%12.32%
VOCVOC Energy Trust$5.04+0.20%7.94%
DLRDigital Realty Trust$65.84+0.17%5.04%
STAGSTAG Industrial, Inc.$23.58+0.17%5.34%
SIRSelect Income REIT$25.04+0.16%2.38%
MMPMagellan Midstream Partners L.P.$78.75+0.15%3.53%
SUISun Communities$66.40+0.15%3.80%
CMLPCrestwood Midstream Partners L.P.$14.59+0.07%11.24%
HCNHealth Care REIT$77.83+0.06%4.24%
CMOCapstead Mortgage$11.81+0.00%10.50%
FTRFrontier Communications$7.32+0.00%5.74%
SEPSpectra Energy Partners LP$51.94-0.04%4.45%
ARCCAres Capital$17.14-0.12%8.63%
PEIPenn Real Estate Trust$23.08-0.13%3.64%
SXESouthcross Energy Partners, L.P.$13.96-0.14%11.46%
HTGCHercules Technology Growth Capital$13.62-0.22%9.10%
PSECProspect Capital Corporation$8.42-0.24%11.88%
GELGenesis Energy L.P.$46.08-0.26%5.16%
TNHTerra Nitrogen Company L.P.$147.10-0.36%7.07%
FURWinthrop Realty Trust$16.20-0.37%4.01%
WESWestern Gas Partners L.P.$66.02-0.42%4.24%
BWPBoardwalk Pipeline Partners L.P.$16.02-0.44%2.50%
LINELinn Energy LLC.$11.51-0.52%10.86%
SXLSunoco Logistics Partners L.P.$41.53-0.57%3.85%
FGPFerrellgas Partners L.P.$24.13-0.58%8.29%
DKLDelek Logistics Partners LP$41.59-0.69%4.91%
AGNCAmerican Capital Agency$21.42-0.74%12.32%
EVEPEV Energy Partners L.P.$13.37-0.74%14.96%
NLYAnnaly Capital$10.45-0.76%11.48%
APUAmeriGas Partners L.P.$47.35-0.84%7.43%
DPMDCP Midstream Partners L.P.$36.97-0.86%8.44%
TICCTICC Capital Corp$6.90-0.86%15.65%
GLPGlobal Partners L.P.$34.61-0.89%7.69%
IRETInvestors Real Estate Trust$7.40-0.94%7.03%
NSHNuStar GP Holdings, LLC.$34.98-0.96%6.23%
PBTPermian Basin Royalty Trust Units Ben. Int.$8.06-0.98%3.21%
PERSandridge Permian Trust$7.10-0.98%36.90%
SNHSenior Housing Properties Trust$22.14-0.98%7.05%
HCLPHi-Crush Partners LP$36.51-1.03%7.40%
AHGPAlliance Holdings Group$50.77-1.07%7.21%
SPHSuburban Propane L.P.$42.53-1.09%8.23%
HEPHolly Energy Partners L.P.$30.63-1.19%6.92%
CODICompass Diversified Holdings$16.86-1.69%8.54%
LGCYLegacy Reserves L.P.$10.28-1.72%23.74%
DXDynex Capital$8.20-1.91%11.71%
BPTBP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust$58.31-1.97%18.44%
BBEPBreitburn Energy Partners L.P.$5.78-2.03%8.65%
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products L.P.$24.73-2.48%11.08%
VNRVanguard Natural Resouces, LLC. $14.20-2.54%9.93%
UANCVR Partners L.P. $13.05-2.76%12.57%
NTINorthern Tier Energy LP$24.05-2.83%11.60%
HGTHugoton Royalty Trust$5.72-2.89%3.86%
MEMPMemorial Production Partners LP$16.22-3.91%13.56%
RNFRentech Nitrogen Partners LP$14.62-4.26%8.21%
CCGCampus Crest Communities$6.85-5.26%5.34%
DOMDominion Resources Trust $6.04-5.63%11.56%
CRTCross Timbers Royalty Trust Units$19.07-5.78%7.28%
DMLPDorchester Minerals, L.P.$22.50-5.94%8.64%
WMCWestern Asset Mortgage Capital Corp$14.25-6.19%18.81%

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