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Railroad Monopoly Replaces 2016's Top Performer on the Best Dividend Stocks List

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Premium Shutterstock 531195661

The Market Wrap for December 9: Quitaly? What Quitaly?

This week had the potential to be a real bummer for investors. Looking forward, we have a Federal...

Premium Shutterstock 517858843

Dividends and Alternatives: Does the Marriage Work?

In this era of low returns, the investment world’s best minds – of which there are so many due to...

Premium Shutterstock 527353945

Saving for Retirement? Save More

Your assumptions about how big your retirement nest egg should be are probably all wrong.

If it’s...

Premium Shutterstock 525242890

The Timber REITs Were Made for These Times

If there’s one thing that drives the stock market nuts, it has to be uncertainty. The direction...

Premium Shutterstock 387121036

Railroad Monopoly Replaces 2016's Top Performer on the Best Dividend Stocks List

Dividend.com added a rail and logistics company to its Best Dividend Stocks list and removed a...

Premium Shutterstock 444483784

Buffett’s Retirement Advice With a Twist

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett’s folksy personality and Midwest practicality belie the fact...

Premium Shutterstock 481621168

The Market Glance For December 5th: Costco Looks To Bulk Size Its Earnings

After stocks continued to hit record highs last week, the drivers are in place for another decent...

Premium Shutterstock 524257270

Cost Really Is King

Here are a few pretty damning statistics provided by Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts. Only...

Premium Shutterstock 452976277

The Market Wrap for December 2: Tiffany’s Loses Its Luster Under Trump

After last week’s short trading week, stocks continued their climb as traders were treated to a...

Premium Shutterstock 525103141

Women, Dividends and Financial Advice

If you’re a woman, this one’s for you. And if you’re a male financial advisor, this column is for...

Premium Shutterstock 524205442

Cheap, Boring and Rewarding DRIPs

If you want to boost your savings rate, save money and feel a bit retro in the process, you...

Premium Shutterstock 437032399

Trump's Victory Propels Aerospace Stock Onto Best Dividend Stocks List

Dividend.com added an aerospace and defense company to the Best Dividend Stocks list and removed...

Premium Shutterstock 519935608

Buying an Annuity vs. Building Your Own ‘Annuity’

The ‘annuity puzzle’ is a term used in the financial services business to describe a paradox in...

Premium Shutterstock 460615639

The Market Glance for November 28: Tiffany Tries to Sparkle

After last week’s holiday break and shortened trading session, investors will need to be on their...

Premium Shutterstock 521217838

Dividend Growth Is Great, but Steady Dividend Growth Is Better

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you already know what I’m about to tell you....

Premium Shutterstock 292113284

The Market Wrap for November 25: Something to Be Thankful For

For investors, the shortened week is something to really be thankful for. Aside from offering a...

Premium Shutterstock 518941663

Protect Your Health and Increase Your Dividend Income

“When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.”

My grandparents used to say...

Premium Shutterstock 486840688

Earn Big Dividends by Refinancing Your Mortgage

Interest rates have been creeping up a bit since the election, including the rate that affects...

Premium Shutterstock 498003718

Japan Can Be a Dividend Hunter's Paradise

One of the great things about being an investor these days is that you don’t have to be confined...

Premium Shutterstock 179140829

Why End-Of-Year Organizing Is Worth the Effort

Some people are natural neat freaks, others not so much. I’m in the latter category, but on the...

Premium Shutterstock 179973533

The Market Glance for November 21: John Deere Looks to Grow Its Earnings

Peaceful. Tranquil. Calm. You pick the word and that could be the theme of the upcoming week....

Premium Shutterstock 232326388

Finding Balance. Or Rebalance, That Is

Everyone loves a winner – especially when it comes to our portfolios. It feels great to log on to...

Premium Shutterstock 497581300

The Market Wrap for November 18: The Trump Bump Continues

It seems that the markets have fully come to terms with a President Trump victory. Or at least...

Premium Shutterstock 185592020

Does It Make Sense to Buy Gold?

What’s the smarter move right now, buying gold or selling gold?

Most of the smart money is in the...

Premium Shutterstock 344265242

Rising GDP? Falling Inflation? Take the Numbers with a Grain of Salt

If the recent election demonstrated anything, it’s that there is wisdom in not putting too much...

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At Dividend.com a large portion of our readership is of a discerning, self-directed nature. As...

Premium Shutterstock 531195661

The Market Wrap for December 9: Quitaly? What Quitaly?

This week had the potential to be a real bummer for investors. Looking forward, we have a Federal...


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