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Premium Shutterstock 352414943

The Market Glance for October 24: 3M Goes for Another Big Beat

For investors, last week started off badly, but ended up realizing gains by the time the last...

Premium Shutterstock 299931137

You May Be Too Conservative With Your Investments

Ask any retired person or investor nearing retirement what their greatest fear would be, and odds...

Premium Shutterstock 353703818

Market Wrap For October 21: Bank Of America Banks Higher Earnings

After the malaise of last week, investors were treated to a fair bit of positive news and...

Premium Shutterstock 200290379

It's 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Dividend Accounts Are?

That headline – for those not old enough to remember – is a take-off of a public service...

Premium Shutterstock 462222493

Are Apartment REITs Overvalued?

As investors maintain their search for income solutions in a world of perpetually low interest...

Premium Shutterstock 112959457

Identifying the Next Grey Swan Event

What unlikely event or events could happen from now through the end of the year that would cause...

Premium Shutterstock 305308904

Active vs. Passive: There’s still no answer

Since passive investing came on the scene with the introduction of the first index fund on Dec....

Premium Shutterstock 157995017

The Market Glance For October 17th: Will IBM Sing the Blues?

After last week’s Fed- and China-induced malaise, investors this week might actually see a new...

Premium Shutterstock 451578817

Get Ready to Spend a LOT on Healthcare

Ask anybody what they think will be their biggest expense come retirement time, and odds are,...

Premium Shutterstock 495749866

Market Wrap for October 14: CSX Chugs Along

This week, investors were hit with a dose of reality. And that reality is that things aren’t...

Premium Shutterstock 285726542

Is It Finally OK to Trust Energy Dividends Again?

Historically, the largest integrated energy majors have been great places for investors to find...

Premium Shutterstock 381129700

Big Change Coming on October 14 to Money Market Funds

Given the dismal state of interest rates, they haven’t been thought of as an asset class for...

Premium Shutterstock 476039440

Big Pharma’s Big Biotech Problem

The major pharmaceutical companies are facing quite a predicament. Billions of dollars worth of...

Premium Shutterstock 399435655

Warning Signs on the Investment Horizon

Aside from those who decide to sell shares solely to rustle up immediate cash, the stock market...

Premium Shutterstock 396097762

How to Avoid Being Sunk by the Market

Investors in their prime earning and saving years – from about age 45 to 60 – have a view of...

Premium Shutterstock 100904233

The Market Glance for October 10: Wells Fargo Takes the Stand

Even though the Fed’s next meeting about interest rates isn’t for a few months, investors...

Premium Shutterstock 72431620

Is There Really a Dividend “Bubble”?

The market has been anything but typical the past couple of years and it’s all thanks to the...

Premium Photodune 2725308 wall street xs

The Market Wrap For October 7th: Constellation Brands Pops The Bubbly

Hopefully the first trading week of October isn’t any indication of things to come. Despite...

Premium Shutterstock 198494135

Seizing Opportunities in India

While China is what immediately dominates the conversation when investors talk about...

Premium Shutterstock 459773605

Is Verizon’s New Business Model in Jeopardy?

With wireless subscriber growth basically flatlining and landline usage falling off the map, the...

Premium Shutterstock 349776407

How Much Dividend Income Will You Need in Retirement?

You would think, after all these years, a financial planning professional could figure out how...

Premium Shutterstock 474102805

Some News to Cheer Dividend Investors, Sort of

Feeling glum about your returns? Even if your dividend stocks are doing well, do you feel as if...

Premium Trading%20screen%20stock%20image

The Market Glance For October 3rd: Darden Looks To “Mangia Bene” On Earnings

With September behind them, investors are hoping to leave some of its recent woes behind them as...

Premium Wall%20street%20stock%20image

The Market Wrap For September 30th: Cal-Maine Cracks

With the Fed out of the way, investors could get back to business and start worrying about how...

Premium Pfizer%20logo%201

The Last Chapter in a Big Pfizer Plan

The news from Pfizer Inc. (PFE ) at the end of last November landed like a bomb.

The New...

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At Dividend.com a large portion of our readership is of a discerning, self-directed nature. As...

Premium Shutterstock 352414943

The Market Glance for October 24: 3M Goes for Another Big Beat

For investors, last week started off badly, but ended up realizing gains by the time the last...


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