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The Market Wrap for April 29: Apple Ends up Rotten

Well, that was fun while it lasted. The relatively smooth ride during the first couple of weeks...

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The Heart of Dividend Investing

For most dividend-oriented investors, a desire for income rather than capital gains is the...

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The End of Manufacturing

Many of America’s great dividend-paying companies are manufacturers. In fact, when we think of...

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How to Tell If a Recession Is Coming

Back when baby boomers were kids and life was much simpler (actually, it wasn’t really simple,...

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The Market Glance for April 25: Taking a Bite out of Apple

Last week’s decent market performance and relatively low volatility was driven by a lack of...

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A Look at Yield on Cost

Investing is a game of numbers. It’s full of metrics. From price-earnings ratios and book value...

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The Market Wrap for April 22: The Chips Fall at Intel

Investors have to be relatively pleased with this week’s performance by the markets. Following...

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Rethinking Rebalancing

What if eating your vegetables and getting regular exercise turned out to make not one whit of...

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Are Consumer Staples Stocks Getting Too Pricey?

There are certain sectors of the market that tend to be favorite stomping grounds for income...

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A Slowdown and a Better Market

If you try to take in as much financial information as you can, and try not to limit your input...

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Thinking Smarter About Retirement

Two recent studies should serve as giant red warning lights for anyone over 40.

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The Market Glance for April 18: Will PepsiCo Lose Its Fizz?

After last week’s gains, this upcoming week could be more of a mixed bag as data is pretty much...

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Dividends: One of Your Best Friends Come Tax Time

First, some good news. Thanks to an obscure holiday, we get a few extra days to file and pay our...

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The Market Wrap for April 15: Alcoa Beats With a Big Asterisk

For investors, the rally that ended the first quarter continued this week at a muted pace. After...

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Advice From a Bond Pro

If you’re someone whose investment taste buds perk up on analysis that is more vinegar than...

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The Data Center REITs Are Just Killing It

If Madonna wrote her hit “Material Girl” today, she might have called it “Digital Girl.”...

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A Critical Look at Three Dividend Pickers

Profiles of three dividend-oriented mutual fund managers and their three winning funds recently...

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The Market Glance for April 11: Alcoa Kicks It off

The start of the second quarter didn’t begin as investors had hoped. Stocks spent much of their...

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Wait, What? Did You Say Negative Interest Rates?

These are crazy times we are living in, especially for investors. Since the Great Recession, the...

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The Market Wrap for April 8: ConAgra’s Earnings Get Cookin’

The start to the second quarter wasn’t exactly what investors were looking for. After finishing...

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Spotlight on American Water Works

In the current investing environment, dividend stocks are in favor. Only late last year did the...

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A New Era in Financial Advice

On Wednesday, a new ruling from the Labor Department went into effect that profoundly changes the...

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Did MLPs Just Bottom?

With the Fed keeping interest rates in the basement for so long, many investors have sought new...

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Having Courage to Go Your Own Way

It pays to be weird.

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Too Much of a Good Thing

High corporate profits and generous dividends.

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