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‘Trump Bump’ Forces out MedTech Company from Best Dividend Stocks List

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Premium Shutterstock 552351427

Why Real Risk Involves Valuation

Financial academics define risk as volatility. But while a stock or a mutual fund that bounces...

Premium Shutterstock 546409627

The Market Glance for January 23: Trump’s First Week

For investors, the last full trading week of January will see the first full week of President...

Premium Shutterstock 548699656

Dividend Investors Can’t Afford To Be Sexist

It’s no secret that men have ruled finance and business for the past gazillion decades. At best,...

Premium Presidentdonaldtrump

Market Wrap for January 20: Where’s That ‘Trump Bump’ Again?

It’s finally here, the inauguration of President Trump. With the event and the transition of...

Premium Shutterstock 379901608

How Did Your Dividend Investments Do in 2016?

On an absolute basis, it’s easy to see how any dividend stock you own performed last year.


Premium Shutterstock 265404659

Be a Buffett Dividend Investor

There are three ways to invest like the legendary Warren Buffett.

If you have $244,000 or...

Premium Shutterstock 552371188

The Banks Get Their Wish

The Great Recession was a transformative event for many sectors and areas of the economy. Perhaps...

Premium Shutterstock 556686148

‘Trump Bump’ Forces out MedTech Company From Best Dividend Stocks List

Dividend.com added a communications equipment company to the Best Dividend Stocks list and...

Premium Shutterstock 523853647

Is There a Robo Advisor in Your Future?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the low-cost, automated portfolio management platforms known as robo...

Premium Shutterstock 495749875

The Market Glance for January 16: CSX Chugs Along

So far, the returns for the new year have been pretty decent. Generally speaking, stocks have...

Premium Shutterstock 540843040

The Portfolio Size Effect

You could be in danger. There’s the risk that you’re not calculating carefully when it comes to...

Premium Shutterstock 546595339

The Market Wrap for January 13: The 'Trump Bump' Gets Bumpy

Since the surprise election of Donald Trump, the markets have been on a straight upwards...

Premium Shutterstock 380264416

Investment Theories as Science – and Baloney

Investors who have been at it for more than a few years realize that separating the wheat from...

Premium Shutterstock 536988112

A Voice of Reason on Indexing’s ‘Danger’

You’re probably unaware, but if you own an index fund in addition to your dividend stocks you are...

Premium Shutterstock 548761243

Healthcare Stocks Could Suffer This Year

Throughout the presidential election cycle, healthcare remained a major talking point. From drug...

Premium Shutterstock 519309598

Beware When Taking Dividends Out of IRAs as RMDs

Contributing money to an IRA or a 401(k) plan is easy. Taking the money out? Not so much.


Premium Shutterstock 480367003

The Market Glance for January 9: The Banks Tee Off Earnings Season

After a surprisingly strong finish to 2016, the new year is shaping up to be a good one for...

Premium Shutterstock 546927982

Go Global for the Right Reasons

The world is getting smaller – at least when it comes to investing. Cost reductions and...

Premium Shutterstock 548894065

The Market Wrap For January 6: Welcome to the New Year

A new year brings plenty of opportunities and a fresh start for portfolios. So far, those...

Premium Shutterstock 538384750

Don’t Fear Higher Interest Rates

The sky is falling. Up is down, black is white and the world is going to end for a variety of...

Premium Shutterstock 530043925

The Cash Benefits of Being Healthy

Everyone knows that being healthy is great for mental and physical well-being. It’s no secret...

Premium Shutterstock 534642853

Will the Utilities March Higher?

Certain sectors have been favored extensively by investors over the last couple of years as low...

Premium Shutterstock 424223380

Don’t Sleep on Taxes When You Retire

We all know that old pearl of wisdom from Ben Franklin that goes “in this world nothing can be...

Premium Shutterstock 313530245

Putting the Fed Rate Hike in Perspective

You probably noticed that the world didn’t come to an end when the Federal Reserve raised its key...

Premium Shutterstock 530739529

Do Dividend Growth ETFs Really Grow?

Thanks to the Fed, it’s no secret that dividend investing is red hot these days. As the Central...

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Each day, companies across the globe announce new upcoming dividend payouts. Last week there were...

Premium Shutterstock 552351427

Why Real Risk Involves Valuation

Financial academics define risk as volatility. But while a stock or a mutual fund that bounces...


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