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Premium Pfizer%20logo%201

The Last Chapter in a Big Pfizer Plan

The news from Pfizer Inc. (JNJ ) at the end of last November landed like a bomb.

The New...

Premium Vote%20with%20background%20poc

Why a ‘No’ Vote Is the Best Revenge

Our modern version of shareholder capitalism is a curious institution.

The shareholders of public...

Premium Yale university logo

You vs. Yale and Harvard: What’s Your Return?

As it turns out, the manicured quads of the Ivy League aren’t all that different from the...

Premium Nike awesome logo

The Market Glance for September 26: Nike Looks for a Victory

Investors will breathe a sigh of relief this week, because the Fed has spoken. Last Wednesday,...

Premium Dividends%20with%20bills%20picture

Will the High Yield Trade Fall Apart?

It’s no secret that dividend investing has been pretty hot over the last few years. Driven by low...

Premium Vf%20corp%20logo

VF Corporation: A Dividend King in the Making

When investors look for stocks with long streaks of growing dividends, the fashion and apparel...

Premium Wells%20fargo%20branch

The Public Shaming of Wells Fargo

These have been tough times for Wells Fargo (WFC ) and company Chairman and CEO John G. Stumpf.


Premium Eaworld%20logo

Is There Any Hope for SeaWorld After the Dividend Cut?

One of the biggest no-no’s for dividend stocks is to cut a payout. An even worse sin for a stock...

Premium Dividends%20money

Buying Dividend Stocks for “Free”

The investment tactic I’m about to share could probably be dismissed as a mere mind game.

If so,...

Premium Visa%20mastercard%20amex%20picture

The ‘Fed-Cred’ Way to Growth

There’s such a simple, easy and powerful way to get the economy booming again that I’m surprised...

Premium Fedex%20sign%20on%20wall

The Market Glance for September 19: FedEx Hopes to Ship Better Earnings

Interest rate policy. It’s caused much of the market’s stomach-churning volatility over the last...

Premium Cracker%20barrel%20store

The Market Wrap for September 16: Cracker Barrel Cracks

Investors looking for any relief from last Friday’s market rout were sadly disappointed this...

Premium Champion

Are the Aristocrats, Kings & Champions Really Worth Following

If there is one thing Wall Street loves, it’s a clever marketing term. BRICs, Smart-Beta, Black...

Premium Dividends%20jar

What Are Your Dividends For?

Sometimes the most basic, and seemingly idiotic, questions can be the most illuminating. So let...

Premium Shutterstock 403613401

Can Renewable Energy Pay Dividends?

Let’s face the facts. The promise of alternative and renewable energy is great, but when it comes...

Premium Bond%20market

The Bond Roots of Equity Woes

When you get down to the financial heart of the world economy, it’s all about credit.

The stock...

Premium Oracle image

The Market Glance for September 12: Oracle Takes to the Cloud

Central bank actions continue to drive the markets. Last week, relatively light data and earnings...

Premium Sale%20keyboard%20image

When to Bail on Your Dividend Stocks

When it comes to our portfolios, we have the buying part down. Log on to any financial website,...

Premium Marvell

The Market Wrap for September 9th: Marvelous Marvell

The first full trading week of September seems to be back to the market’s old tricks – a dose of...

Premium Shutterstock 113824207

Saving for Retirement in a Gig Economy

September 15th is just around the corner.

For those who are self-employed in any way, shape or...

Premium Shutterstock 192606716

The Emerging World Is for Dividends Too

When most investors look towards emerging markets, they do so from the point of view of adding...

Premium Shutterstock 400496725

When an ETF Liquidates

Like many other financial products over the years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – mutual...

Premium My%20money

When Cash Isn’t Trash

At about 0.11%, the annual interest earned on an average bank savings account would be pathetic...

Premium Valspar%20company%20logo

The Market Glance for September 5th: Valspar Looks to Paint a Better Picture

After last week had August ending with a whimper, the first full trading week of September could...

Premium Dividends%20and%20college%20planning

Dividends & College Planning Do Make Sense

It’s that time of year again, when the air starts to get a little cooler and many American...

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The creation and widespread adoption of the internet has certainly changed the way we work, play...


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