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E-Commerce Boom Powers Best Dividend Stock Closer to Dividend Aristocracy

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Premium Shutterstock 697582087

The Market Glance for September 25: Event-Filled Week as Q3 Draws to a Close

The all-important combination of economic data and monetary policy will dominate market discourse...

Premium Shutterstock 718860205

We May Finally See Wage Growth

If we had to describe the recovery since the Great Recession in one word, it would have to be ‘...

Premium Shutterstock 718336300

The Market Wrap for September 22: Astounding Escalation in Rhetoric

President Trump’s economic nationalism-centric speech at the UN with his threat to “totally...

Premium Interestrates

Hey! Where’s My Higher Rate?

We all know that the Federal Reserve took extraordinary measures to keep the economy going, which...

Premium Shutterstock 709337959

Is a Million Bucks Enough?

There’s something alluring about a million dollars.

For whatever reason, the amount holds a...

Premium Shutterstock 667558330

Self-Storage REITs: A Hidden Winner From the Hurricanes

This hurricane season has been one to remember, and it’s not even over yet, with two more storms...

Premium Shutterstock 258562583

E-Commerce Boom Powers Best Dividend Stock Closer to Dividend Aristocracy

In the financial world, moat is defined as a long-term competitive advantage that protects a...

Premium Shutterstock 563812846

Is It Still Possible to 'Coupon Clip'

For investors, coupon clipping has a much different connotation than saving 30 cents on a can of...

Premium Shutterstock 398082979

UTX Jumps 3 Places in Most Watched Stocks List After 6% Dividend Increase

As United Technologies (UTX ) struck one of the largest deals in the aerospace industry after it...

Premium Shutterstock 700329604

The Market Glance for September 18: Federal Reserve Takes the Spotlight

After a two-month hiatus, the Federal Reserve will convene in Washington this week for a new...

Premium Shutterstock 707533522

REITs & ESGs Go Hand in Hand

It’s no secret that many investors are looking for more out of their portfolios. They want to do...

Premium Shutterstock 712098724

The Market Wrap for September 15: A Sigh of Relief

Investors breathed a sigh of relief after Hurricane Irma made landfall during the weekend, but...

Premium Shutterstock 701083906

Don’t Look Now, the Debt Ceiling Is Back

Political infighting has been a major themes for what feels like the last three U.S. presidential...

Premium Shutterstock 705308989

After Harvey and Irma, Are the Insurance Stocks a Big Buy?

The beginning of the year was the insurance industry’s oyster.

The Federal Reserve had just begun...

Premium Shutterstock 244903105

Global Healthcare Company Remains Atop Best Dividend Stocks List

Healthcare is perhaps one of the most dynamic industries, full of opportunities for growth and...

Premium Shutterstock 571032475

CEF Demand Surges

Despite the recent rise in interest rates, income remains hard to come by.

Many traditional...

Premium Shutterstock 27937055

Let Them Kill Each Other: The Fee War Heats Up

When it comes to investing, there are several variables that help determine your success. Most of...

Premium Shutterstock 203575543

Medtronic Moves up 3 Places as Investors Add It to Their Watchlists

Strong earnings and an upcoming dividend payout caused dividend investors to add this stock to...

Premium Shutterstock 133513469

Market Glance for September 11: U.S. Economy in Focus

The U.S. economy will be front and center over the next five days, as government economists...

Premium Shutterstock 313533836

Who Cares About Rate Hikes?

For the last decade or so, investors have only known one thing: the zero percent interest rates,...

Premium Shutterstock 494660788

The Market Wrap for September 8: Preparing for Irma

North Korea’s test detonation of a hydrogen bomb made investors nervous early in the week and...

Premium Shutterstock 77614246

The Power of a Little More

One of the biggest talking points about retirement – including from yours truly – is that we need...

Premium Shutterstock 526074640

Ignoring Political Dysfunction… for Now

It doesn’t matter if you’re a staunch liberal or part of the MAGA faithful, you have to admit...

Premium Shutterstock 444483763

Will Buffett Finally Pay a Dividend?

Like many of us here at Dividend.com, America’s favorite value investor loves dividends.


Premium Shutterstock 171534818

11 Consecutive Years of Dividend Growth and Payouts for Electric Utilities Best Dividend Stock

Dividend.com has added a regional utility company to the Best Dividend Stocks List and removed a...

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