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The Portent of Cheap Oil

Let’s pray that the drop in oil prices has touched bottom and that prices will rise.

No, I’m not...

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The Railroads Could Chug Right Along Through 2016 & Beyond

Sometimes the best portfolio opportunities are the ones that are a tad bit sleepy, and few...

Premium Wall%20street%27s%20potholes

Avoiding Wall Street’s Potholes

Simon Lack used to pick hedge funds for JP Morgan, so he knows quite a lot about these...

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A Capitalist Plan for Bank Reform

The presidential campaign has sparked much discussion about Wall Street.

On the left, there’s the...

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The Market Glance for February 8: DIS & the House of Mouse Get Ready to Report

With the start of February already a doozy, investors looking for a break should just go into...

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What’s on George Soros’ REIT Radar? Pt. 2/5

In part 2 of our 5 part series, Dividend.com analyzes AvalonBay (AVB ) where George Soros holds...

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America’s Favorite Sport & Stock Returns

This weekend, millions of American’s will sit back, eat a ton of chicken wings, drown themselves...

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Spotlight: Waste Management

Waste Management (WM ) stock has richly rewarded investors over a prolonged period. In the past...

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The REIT With 94% Institutional Ownership

REITs are an excellent way for investors to gain exposure to real estate without having to...

Premium Oil%20drums%20feature%20image

Oil Majors Carry on — for Now

The recent fourth-quarter earnings reports from BP (BP ), Chevron (CVX ) and ExxonMobil (XOM )...

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You Want Cheap Dividends? Look to Financial Stocks

The markets haven’t exactly been kind to “growth” sectors in recent months. Fears about dropping...

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If You’re Curious About Smart Beta Funds

One of the latest developments in the mutual fund world has been the introduction of so-called...

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Three Cheers for Larry Fink

Laurence D. Fink, co-founder and chief executive of BlackRock, Inc. (BLK ), acted like a true...

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Bank of Nova Scotia: A Rare Blend of Value and Income

In the stock market, stocks are often grouped under one of three different classifications....

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The Market Glance for February 1: Mattel Plays With Investors' Hearts

While last week was up and down, this week could end up being just straight downwards as...

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What’s on George Soros’ REIT Radar? Pt. 1/5

This is part 1 of a 5 part series where we analyze the REITs Soros Fund Management holds...

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A Guru-less Play Into Emerging Markets

While most of us were stuck in the midst of snowstorm Jonas, the elite of the exchange-traded...

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The Market Wrap for January 29: Taking a Bite out of Apple

At this point, investor’s should be used to the up and down swings of the market. The last...

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Smart Money May Not Be So Smart

The next time you lament that you’ll never do as well as the smart money or that your approach to...

Premium Utilities

Maybe the Monetary Emperors Are Naked

For a crystal clear analysis of the economy and markets, there’s no better observer than...

Premium Work%20man%20sitting%20back

Managing the Trouble Ahead for Dividend Stocks

If you got rattled after reading the recent Barron’s story about the dimming luster of dividend...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance for January 25: Apple, McDonalds and Halliburton! OH MY!

After last week’s continued bout of volatility, investors are going to experience smooth sailing...

Premium My%20money

Go Big or Go Home: Focus on the Mega-Caps

It seems that the sell-off in stocks has picked up steam over the last few weeks. So far this...

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One Stock Upgraded, One Stock Downgraded From The "Best Dividend Stocks" List

ARLP is being removed from the “Best Dividend Stocks List” as its relative strength is being...

Premium Downward%20trending%20chart

How to Tell We’ve Hit Bottom

The crazy thing about the efficient market theory is that so many rational people believed — as...

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