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5 Reasons for Dividend Investors to Give Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving: the best holiday of the year. (The fact that it sometimes falls on my...

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How a Break-Up Could Affect P&G Dividends

If you listen to Wall Street, you would think that mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other...

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The New Irish Pfizer and Dividends

Regulators will give it a thorough screening – and its tax implications will become a political...

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The Market Glance For November 23rd

Last week, the markets seemed to lift themselves out of their doldrums. Positive reactions to...

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The $106,445.56 Mistake

As the old saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon departed.” For Joe Campbell, that lesson...

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The Market Wrap For November 20th

After the last few weeks of dour data, dour earning’s guidance and dour Federal Reserve...

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A Slower Trading Venue for Dividend Investors

Are individual investors—especially those who invest for the long run—like most dividend...

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Why You’ll Need More Dividends in Retirement

One of the major reasons investors choose a dividend-oriented approach in managing their...

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Creating a Dividend “Pension”

Let’s discuss pensions, and how building a dividend portfolio can help provide retirement income...

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Market Glance For November 16th

Last week was a downer to say the least. Recent unemployment data has pointed to the fact that...

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Should You Take A Shine To Gold?

By nature, I’m a value investor. I generally don’t do “growth” stocks or invest in the latest...

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Market Wrap-Up for November 13: The Week in Review

Maybe the markets were being a tad bit superstitious this week as this Friday is the 13th, but...

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Investors’ Second May Day

The investment landscape’s second most significant change in more than 40 years may soon be...

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How to Outperform a Hedge Fund

If you’re thinking of investing in a hedge fund, perhaps the best advice anyone can give you is...

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Why Time = Money

It’s easy not to like corporate raiders, a.k.a. investment activists. Investors like Carl Icahn...

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Market Glance for November 9: The Week Ahead

After last week’s continued Fed presence, with Janet Yellen and others providing testimony and...

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Fill the Gap with Dividends

No one likes waking up and finding out that they are about $50,000 poorer. But for many baby...

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The Volkswagen Lesson for Dividends

Volkswagen AG’s (VLKAY) current 3.9% yield in U.S. equity markets can teach dividend-oriented...

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Two Cheers for Activists — and Trends to Watch

Make no mistake about it. When activist investors like Carl Icahn and Nelson Peltz talk about...

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What Dividends Really Teach Us

Simplicity. Whether or not that quality is a priority on the agenda of dividend investors, it...

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Market Glance for November 2

A new week also brings a new trading month. However, investors won’t be able to forget the past,...

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Dividend Discount Valuation: Target

Retail giant Target Corp. (TGT ) has had a mixed performance this year. The company has undergone...

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Frightfully Expensive Investments

Ah, Halloween. Here in the States the past week finally brought the ghoulishly wonderful time for...

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This Week’s Best & Worst Performing Dividend ETFs – October 30th Edition

This Week’s Best and Worst Performing Dividend ETF’s – October 19th Edition

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