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We all buy insurance — for our cars, homes, lives, and more. Insurance providers also offer investment options in the form of annuities, which can be a solid vehicle for retired individuals when used properly.

Health Insurance Options For The Retired Or Unemployed

One of the many benefits of working is that you often have employee-sponsored health insurance programs. These programs often cost less than if you were to buy health insurance on your own, and can be exhaustive in their coverage, even covering drug and pharmaceutical plans, psychological services and vision care. All too often, people roll the dice when it comes to not carrying health insurance after a layoff or once they retire. The good news is that there are many options out there for you if you’ve either lost your job or entered retirement before Medicare kicks in. We’ll look at what coverage the unemployed or retired have available to them to pay for costly medical procedures. Read More »

Get Protected: A Guide To The 4 Most Important Types Of Insurance

You have to face that no matter how lucky you are, throughout your life you will have some unfortunate and expensive financial incidents. The good news is that there are different insurance products that will make these one-time financial burdens less costly when they happen. When it comes to insurance, there are many unnecessary products out there, too, but there are a few that, statistically, are worth having. We’ll look at the most important types of insurance that you need in your day-to-day life, and what you need to know about these types of insurance. You'll have to decide which kind of coverage you want, and where to save on your premiums so you can put that money to work for you in dividend-paying stocks. Read More »

A Guide To Life Insurance Basics

Many people live day to day without thinking about the inevitable that will occur sometime down the road. However, at some point in your life you should evaluate (or reevaluate) the financial issues that may occur when you or a spouse dies, as you never know what life might have in store for you. An unexpected death can happen, with the deceased leaving behind unpaid debts and liabilities that the immediate family may not be able to honor. This sudden and unfortunate event can be especially burdensome when the person that passes away is the breadwinner in the family. Because of all of this uncertainty, having a solid life insurance plan is a must for almost everyone.  Read More »

Use A Car Accident Checklist To Avoid Financial Pains Later

A car accident is, at worst, a life changing event that involves much personal, emotional and economic hardship, and, at best, a bureaucratic and financial nightmare. In 2009, the US Census Bureau reported that that were 10.8 million car accidents in the US. That means that roughly every thirtieth person in the country will at least get into a fender bender sometime over the next year. Even if you’re in a very mild accident, it can have a huge psychological effect, and you won’t be in a clear-thinking state. This lack of mental stability can lead to a more difficult and costly aftermath than what could happen if you follow a standardized checklist. The following list goes over everything you should do following an accident, and will work to keep you in the best spot legally and financially. Read More »

The Downside Of Annuities

There are some ultra-conservative investors out there who look for the safest, most secure investment possible. When interest rates are low and stock performance is volatile, there are investors out there that will look for the opportunity to see the best bang for their buck. For those approaching retirement, it is especially difficult to stomach the volatility of some investments when a steady, substantial and secure income is necessary. To combat these investment uncertainties, some individuals look at annuity plans as a place to secure a nice return on their retirement nest egg. Though these annuity plans draw you in with catchy rates and the promise of monthly income, don’t be fooled; these plans are not without their downsides. Read More »

Guide To Long-Term Care Insurance

The aging Baby Boomer generation is being forced to face the fact that many of them will need some form of living assistance to help sustain them through their declining years. Statistics indicate that about one-fifth of all people over age 65 and over half of those age 85 and above will become chronically disabled in one way or another.

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How To Lower Your Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums have continued to creep higher in the past few years, so it’s important to see how you can work the system to get a more affordable insurance plan. There are many things you can do that will actually lower your yearly fees. Read More »

Insurance And Financial Considerations For A First-Time Teen Driver

When your child reaches the legal driving age, chances are you’re going to be petitioned for a new car or to let them have access to the family’s car(s). This can lead to financial changes for the family, as there will be the additional cost of a car and/or insurance for the new driver. Parents will have to consider whether it makes sense to get the new driver a car, what the alternatives are, and the best way to go about adding insurance to the family auto insurance plan. Since new drivers come in with absolutely no experience, insurance will be much more expensive than it is for a driver with years of experience and a clean driving record. Read More »