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Global Giant With 3M+ Customers Worldwide Added to Best Dividend Stocks List

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Aaron Levitt is an independent investment analyst and author living in State College, Pennsylvania. His work appears in several high profile publications in both print and on the web. As an advocate for long-term globally oriented investing, Aaron believes that exchange traded funds have leveled playing field for Main Street. Following global macro-economic trends, investors now have several avenues to create great long term portfolios. Aaron is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where he studied Economics and International Business. Aside for helping regular investors develop winning portfolios, his current projects include writing his first book about investing in North America’s changing energy landscape.

Recent Content By Aaron Levitt
Premium Trump%20slump%20trade

The Market Wrap for March 24: The Start of the “Trump Slump”

Well, that was fun while it lasted. After nearly four months of straight gains on the major...

Premium Taxpapers

Tax Time Equals Giving Time

“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for...

Premium Shutterstock 527824753

Buffett Bets Big on the Airlines

Calling a sector a “death trap” is as low of a rating you can give an industry. But that’s just...

Premium Shutterstock 403515808

Some Bad News for Investors

We have all heard the news: America is facing a retirement crisis. For whatever reason – from the...

Premium Shutterstock 508674571

The Three Biggest Risks to Your Retirement Portfolios

I bet if I asked what you think is the number one risk to your portfolio, the answer would be...

Premium Shutterstock 271816790

Hear That Growl? Don’t Ignore the Big Bear

With all the hype surrounding the Dow Jones Industrials hitting 20,000, blowing past the 21,000...

Premium Interestrateshike

The Market Wrap for March 17: Plenty of Whipsaw Action

Since the election of President Trump, the markets have mostly been on a straight shot upwards....

Premium Healthcaremoney

Even More Money for Healthcare

When it comes to heading into our golden years and finally retiring, most of us have a handle on...

Shutterstock 441254029%20%288%29

MetLife Stock: Buy the Transition

When it comes to particular segments of the market, bigger isn’t always better. That’s certainly...

Premium Casinotokens

Should You Gamble on the Casino Stocks for Big Dividends?

There are very few industries and sectors in which the firms have an inherent edge over their...

Premium Shutterstock 393467548

Value Is Still a Big Value

Famed investor and Warren Buffett’s inspiration, Benjamin Graham once said: “Price is what you...

Premium Dollarcostaveraging

Is Dollar-Cost Averaging Really That Great?

There are plenty of investing rules and strategies that everyone seems to follow. And we’re not...

Premium Bearishorbullishmarket

The Market Wrap for March 10: What Happened to our Rising Stocks?

March is certainly coming in like a lion. Aside from the stormy weather across much of the U.S.,...

Dividend University

Why Doesn’t This Stock Show a DARS Rating?

One of the most innovative features of happens to be our flagship Dividend Advantage...

Shutterstock 228233641

Deliver Gains With UPS

Being a member of an oligopoly is good. It’s even better when you’re the biggest firm in that...

Premium Shutterstock 511355791

Utilities Are Still a Cornerstone for Dividend Investors

When it comes to dividend investing, some sectors of the market are often more productive hunting...

Premium Shutterstock 530891983

The Market Glance for March 6: A Dry Week for Dividend Investors

The first full trading week of the new month will bring plenty of opportunities for investors....

Premium Shutterstock 360313850

Procrastination Can Hurt Your Wallet

Some people are natural born go-getters. They’re up at the wee hours of the morning, latte in...

Premium Giveandtake

The Market Wrap for March 3: A Week of Give and Take

March is coming in like a lion, both in weather and equity prices. Stocks continued their march...

Premium Pipeline

Will Trump Power the Pipelines?

For investors looking for income, the major energy infrastructure names have become a favorite...


What’s Going on at Clorox?

The consumer staples and products sector is full of great dividend stocks. After all, you still...

Premium Shutterstock 463288775

The Market Glance for February 27: Domino’s Serves a Slice of Gains

If there has been one common uniting factor this February, it has to be volatility. The markets...

Premium Facebook

Facebook as Your Financial Advisor? Don’t Laugh

If you were going to search for a new bank or financial firm to do business with, odds are your...

Premium Homedepotlogo

Market Wrap for February 24: Home Depot Builds Better Profits

Optimism is back on the table for traders this week. Despite the shortened trading week,...


A Perfect Time to Buy Tech

It’s no secret that the election of President Trump has continued to push up the market on the...

Premium P%26g

Is P&G Pushing Past Its Past Problems?

Consumer products companies are often fertile hunting grounds for dividend investors. The reason...

Premium Walmart

The Market Glance for February 20: Walmart Readies Its Report

With President’s Day falling on Monday of this week, traders get a much-needed break – and they...

Premium Lowreturns

Expect Low Returns in 2017

Given the market’s performance since the surprise election of Donald Trump as president, it’s...

Premium Trumptrade

Market Wrap for February 17: Trump Trade Back on After Busy Week

It seems the Trump trade is back on. This week, investors were overwhelmingly bullish on Trump’s...

Premium Onlineretail

Are Online Sales Really Killing Retail?

The internet is truly revolutionizing how we conduct our lives. It’s impacting a variety of...


Starbucks Is Simply a Cash Cow

When it comes to all-time success stories in the market, one of the biggest has to be Starbucks...

Premium Volatile%20market

The Market Glance for February 13: AIG Looks to Its Transition

If there has been one common trend so far in 2017, it would have to be a return to volatility....

Premium Risinginterestrates

Rising Rates? Think Low Payout Ratio

It’s no secret that dividend stocks have been hot over the last few years. In order to jump-start...

Premium Financialuncertainty

Market Wrap for February 10: Uncertainty Looms

If there has been a constant over the last few weeks, it has to be the hefty dose of uncertainty...

Premium Caterpillar

Can Industrial Stocks Keep Going?

For America’s industrials, the last few years have been a tough grind. Since the end of the...


Wells Fargo: Will the Stagecoach Keep Running?

“Trust is like the air we breathe – when it is present, no one really notices it. When it’s...

Premium %5bdividend%5d%20tesoro%20logo%20%282%29

The Market Glance for February 6: Tesoro Hunts for Treasure

With the new month comes new opportunities. And a hefty dose of volatility. While stocks have...

Premium Januaryeffect

The January Effect: More Myth Than Monster

Wall Street is a pretty superstitious place. Seriously. I once knew a guy who had a 15-year-old...

Premium Donaldtrumpusa

Market Wrap for February 3: Trump Worries Traders

It seems the honeymoon is over for President Trump, as far as the markets are concerned. This...

Premium Reits

Get Ready to Load up on REITS

As interest rates have been kept in the proverbial basement, investors looking for income have...


Why Pepsi Is a Core Dividend Stock

When it comes to dividends, we all know that boring can be beautiful – and there is nothing...

Premium Appleiphone7

The Market Glance for January 30: Taking a Bite Out of Apple

If there has been one constant of Donald Trump’s Presidency in his first few days of office, it...

Premium Socialsecurityretirement

More Bad Social Security News for Retirees

Social Security and retirement. They just go hand-in-hand. For many retirees, it’s all they have....

Premium Dowjonesindex

Market Wrap for January 27: Welcome to Dow 20,000!

The market has dealt with a hefty dose of volatility over the last few weeks, as traders tried to...

Shutterstock 201194885

Concerns at Qualcomm Don’t Overshadow the Cash Flows

It pays to be an innovator. For Qualcomm (QCOM ), that has meant a decade of immense profits and...

Premium Shutterstock 513980356

Will the Deepwater Drillers Ever Be Dividend Plays Again?

If we travel backward in time looking for some of the best dividend plays around; we come to a...

Premium Shutterstock 546409627

The Market Glance for January 23: Trump’s First Week

For investors, the last full trading week of January will see the first full week of President...

Premium Shutterstock 548699656

Dividend Investors Can’t Afford To Be Sexist

It’s no secret that men have ruled finance and business for the past gazillion decades. At best,...

Premium Presidentdonaldtrump

Market Wrap for January 20: Where’s That ‘Trump Bump’ Again?

It’s finally here, the inauguration of President Trump. With the event and the transition of...

Premium Shutterstock 552371188

The Banks Get Their Wish

The Great Recession was a transformative event for many sectors and areas of the economy. Perhaps...

Shutterstock 530697703

Toronto-Dominion Bank: Growth & Income From This Canadian Banking Leader

When it comes to the major financial stocks, a particular set of firms comes to everyone’s minds....

Premium Shutterstock 495749875

The Market Glance for January 16: CSX Chugs Along

So far, the returns for the new year have been pretty decent. Generally speaking, stocks have...

Premium Shutterstock 540843040

The Portfolio Size Effect

You could be in danger. There’s the risk that you’re not calculating carefully when it comes to...

Premium Shutterstock 546595339

The Market Wrap for January 13: The 'Trump Bump' Gets Bumpy

Since the surprise election of Donald Trump, the markets have been on a straight upwards...

Premium Shutterstock 548761243

Healthcare Stocks Could Suffer This Year

Throughout the presidential election cycle, healthcare remained a major talking point. From drug...

Shutterstock 485120626

Should Dividend Investors Even Care About IBM Anymore?

When investors think about the technology sector, they think about growth. After all, innovation...

Premium Shutterstock 480367003

The Market Glance for January 9: The Banks Tee Off Earnings Season

After a surprisingly strong finish to 2016, the new year is shaping up to be a good one for...

Premium Shutterstock 546927982

Go Global for the Right Reasons

The world is getting smaller – at least when it comes to investing. Cost reductions and...

Premium Shutterstock 548894065

The Market Wrap For January 6: Welcome to the New Year

A new year brings plenty of opportunities and a fresh start for portfolios. So far, those...

Premium Shutterstock 538384750

Don’t Fear Higher Interest Rates

The sky is falling. Up is down, black is white and the world is going to end for a variety of...

Shutterstock 463659200

MasterCard Is Primed for Dividend Growth

Open your wallet or look inside your purse – there’s a good chance that there’s at least one card...

Premium Shutterstock 530043925

The Cash Benefits of Being Healthy

Everyone knows that being healthy is great for mental and physical well-being. It’s no secret...

Premium Shutterstock 534642853

Will the Utilities March Higher?

Certain sectors have been favored extensively by investors over the last couple of years as low...

Premium Shutterstock 424223380

Don’t Sleep on Taxes When You Retire

We all know that old pearl of wisdom from Ben Franklin that goes “in this world nothing can be...

Premium Shutterstock 530739529

Do Dividend Growth ETFs Really Grow?

Thanks to the Fed, it’s no secret that dividend investing is red hot these days. As the Central...

Premium %5bdividend%5d%20iron%20mountain%20logo

Iron Mountain Is as Strong as Iron

When it comes to dividend investing, it can pay to travel off the beaten path. Firms that operate...

Premium Shutterstock 474304912

Should You Bet Big on the Brewers?

It’s no secret that investors can find a big “win in sin.” The stocks of firms that operate in...


T. Rowe Price: Will Asset Management Keep Up

The house always wins. While the saying predominantly focuses on casinos in Las Vegas and...

Shutterstock 532203400

DRIP Plenty of Income With American Water Works

For dividend investors, there can be something said for safe investments. After all, slowly...

Shutterstock 533132464

MLPs: Still Risky, But Getting Better

With interest rates still in the basement since the end of the Great Recession, investors have...

Premium Shutterstock 484304776

Seriously, Just Ignore the Election Results

Well, it’s over. Donald Trump is going to be our president in the new year. There’s a good chance...

Premium Shutterstock 526616083

The Hedge of Least Regret

It’s a great time to be an investor, especially one looking for dividends and income. That’s...

Premium Shutterstock 529240189

Great Potential News for Dividend Investors

It’s no secret that President-elect Donald Trump is polarizing. You pretty much love him or hate...

Premium Shutterstock 431291269

Could the Railroads Keep Chugging Along?

There are very few natural monopolies in the world of business. With their irreplaceable assets,...

Shutterstock 398463883

Forget About Declining PC Sales – Intel Is A-OK

Sometimes it takes a pretty big wake-up call for a management team to get their act together. For...

Premium Shutterstock 527704831

The Market Glance for December 19: FedEx Looks to Ship Better Earnings

Last week was all about the Fed. This week will be all about Santa Claus. With the Federal...

Premium Shutterstock 483859849

Should You Let HAL 9000 Run Your Portfolio?

It seems that robots are everywhere. From our factories and businesses to our livings rooms,...

Premium Shutterstock 532341772

The Market Wrap for December 16: The Fed FINALLY Raises Rates

For investors, this week was about one thing: the Federal Reserve. The central bank’s...

Premium Shutterstock 395729914

Airbnb Is Not a Real Threat to the Lodging REITs

Disruption is a word that’s kind of tossed around these days. But the idea/concept behind it is...

Shutterstock 456054745

Wal-Mart Is The Next Amazon

As far as retailers go, Wal-Mart Stores (WMT ) is pretty much in a league of its own. With...

Premium Shutterstock 529922854

Want to Retire Early? Move Here

Early retirement. It’s the dream for many. Most of us would love to be able to stop “punching a...

Premium Shutterstock 529390045

The Market Glance For December 12th: Costco Looks To Bulk Size Its Earnings

With stocks continuing their post-election run-up last week, the new week could bring a hefty...

Premium Shutterstock 442585849

Let’s Talk About Earnings

For those of you old enough to remember the dotcom boom – and subsequent bust – the period of...

Premium Shutterstock 531195661

The Market Wrap for December 9: Quitaly? What Quitaly?

This week had the potential to be a real bummer for investors. Looking forward, we have a Federal...

Shutterstock 490031425

Ford Is Stuck in Neutral

What a difference a year makes. Unfortunately for the Ford Motor Company (F ), the difference has...

Premium Shutterstock 525242890

The Timber REITs Were Made for These Times

If there’s one thing that drives the stock market nuts, it has to be uncertainty. The direction...

Premium Shutterstock 481621168

The Market Glance For December 5th: Costco Looks To Bulk Size Its Earnings

After stocks continued to hit record highs last week, the drivers are in place for another decent...

Premium Shutterstock 524257270

Cost Really Is King

Here are a few pretty damning statistics provided by Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts. Only...

Premium Shutterstock 452976277

The Market Wrap for December 2: Tiffany’s Loses Its Luster Under Trump

After last week’s short trading week, stocks continued their climb as traders were treated to a...


Dow Chemical/DuPont: It’s All About the Cash

It seems that the current trend in the corporate world of “growth by acquisition” is the new...

Premium Shutterstock 460615639

The Market Glance for November 28: Tiffany Tries to Sparkle

After last week’s holiday break and shortened trading session, investors will need to be on their...

Premium Shutterstock 521217838

Dividend Growth Is Great, but Steady Dividend Growth Is Better

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you already know what I’m about to tell you....

Premium Shutterstock 292113284

The Market Wrap for November 25: Something to Be Thankful For

For investors, the shortened week is something to really be thankful for. Aside from offering a...

Premium Shutterstock 498003718

Japan Can Be a Dividend Hunter's Paradise

One of the great things about being an investor these days is that you don’t have to be confined...


Kinder Morgan Owns the Biggest Toll Road in the Oil Patch

It doesn’t matter the industry, investors tend to focus on the ‘sexier’ stories. In terms of the...

Premium Shutterstock 179973533

The Market Glance for November 21: John Deere Looks to Grow Its Earnings

Peaceful. Tranquil. Calm. You pick the word and that could be the theme of the upcoming week....

Premium Shutterstock 232326388

Finding Balance. Or Rebalance, That Is

Everyone loves a winner – especially when it comes to our portfolios. It feels great to log on to...

Premium Shutterstock 497581300

The Market Wrap for November 18: The Trump Bump Continues

It seems that the markets have fully come to terms with a President Trump victory. Or at least...


Realty Income Is Still a Retirement Income King

Stability. It’s what dividend investing is all about. And you can’t get any more stable than 557...

Premium Shutterstock 498488416

The Refiners Are Starting to Look Very Good

The energy sector isn’t particularly known for its big dividends. Outside from a few of the major...

Premium Shutterstock 180692453

The Market Glance for November 14: Home Depot Tries to Break Retail’s Trend

Last week’s tale could be titled “uncertainty.” Thanks in part to the presidential election and...

Premium Shutterstock 172819604

Lend Your Neighbor Money? Just Maybe

As a financial writer and journalist, I get a lot of emails. Most of them are PR pitches or...

Premium Shutterstock 300108776

The Market Wrap for November 11: A Surprisingly Big Week for the Markets

Nobody likes surprises, especially Wall Street. The market’s entire purpose is to price in...

Premium Shutterstock 292018616

Still Food Poisoning at Restaurant Stocks

For restaurant stocks, it seems like a complete reversal of fortunes. After pinching pennies and...

Shutterstock 255268273

Kimberly-Clark: Is the Safety Worth It?

There’s nothing too exciting about diapers, toilet paper and tissues. But for Kimberly-Clark (KMB...

Premium Shutterstock 453961819

The Market Glance For November 7th: The Election Will Dominate

Stocks have spent the last few sessions in a downward spiral. And while some of that was due to...

Premium Shutterstock 410083582

A Smaller Can of COLA

When you’re working, every year or so, you tend to get pay raises from your employers. When you’...

Premium Shutterstock 455343769

The Market Wrap for November 4: The Fed Holds Steady

For investors, October certainly provided some spooky returns. And the beginning of November isn’...


Digital Realty: A High-Tech Income Play

In all seriousness, when was the last time you logged onto your bank’s/brokerage firm’s website...

Premium Shutterstock 416039059

Are the Mortgage REITs Finally Sells?

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become a popular destination for investors seeking...


The Market Glance for October 31: NextEra Energy Powers Up

Investors need to make sure they eat their Wheaties this upcoming week. Given that it’s the start...

Premium Shutterstock 336372542

Don’t Sleep on Sleepy Inflation

Do you hear that sucking noise? That’s the sound of your purchasing power being eroded by...

Premium Shutterstock 421421056

The Market Wrap for October 28: Coca-Cola Simply Sells More Soda

Direction. The market seemed to be fighting for one the entire week. The trend of a directionless...

Shutterstock 334746476

Acquisitions Power Up GE’s Dividend Potential

For investors, General Electric (GE ) is about as blue chip as they come. The manufacturing...

Premium Shutterstock 348558383

Will Gold Stocks Ever Be Dividend Stocks Again?

According to Warren Buffett, gold doesn’t fit the definition of an investment. One of the biggest...

Premium Shutterstock 352414943

The Market Glance for October 24: 3M Goes for Another Big Beat

For investors, last week started off badly, but ended up realizing gains by the time the last...

Premium Shutterstock 299931137

You May Be Too Conservative With Your Investments

Ask any retired person or investor nearing retirement what their greatest fear would be, and odds...

Premium Shutterstock 353703818

Market Wrap For October 21: Bank Of America Banks Higher Earnings

After the malaise of last week, investors were treated to a fair bit of positive news and...


COP Is Back on the Path of Dividend Growth

For the largest exploration and production firms, the oil rout has been pretty hard hitting. Just...

Premium Shutterstock 462222493

Are Apartment REITs Overvalued?

As investors maintain their search for income solutions in a world of perpetually low interest...

Premium Shutterstock 157995017

The Market Glance For October 17th: Will IBM Sing the Blues?

After last week’s Fed- and China-induced malaise, investors this week might actually see a new...

Premium Shutterstock 451578817

Get Ready to Spend a LOT on Healthcare

Ask anybody what they think will be their biggest expense come retirement time, and odds are,...

Shutterstock 95155153

Trending on Boeing’s Big Deals and Realty Income’s Big Slide analyzes the search patterns of our visitors each week. By sharing these trends with...

Premium Shutterstock 495749866

Market Wrap for October 14: CSX Chugs Along

This week, investors were hit with a dose of reality. And that reality is that things aren’t...


Altria “Brews” up Some Buybacks & Growth Potential

Betting on people’s vices has played out big time for Altria (MO ). The producer of cigarettes...

Premium Shutterstock 285726542

Is It Finally OK to Trust Energy Dividends Again?

Historically, the largest integrated energy majors have been great places for investors to find...

Premium Shutterstock 476039440

Big Pharma’s Big Biotech Problem

The major pharmaceutical companies are facing quite a predicament. Billions of dollars worth of...

Premium Shutterstock 100904233

The Market Glance for October 10: Wells Fargo Takes the Stand

Even though the Fed’s next meeting about interest rates isn’t for a few months, investors...

Premium Shutterstock 72431620

Is There Really a Dividend “Bubble”?

The market has been anything but typical the past couple of years and it’s all thanks to the...

Premium Photodune 2725308 wall street xs

The Market Wrap For October 7th: Constellation Brands Pops The Bubbly

Hopefully the first trading week of October isn’t any indication of things to come. Despite...

Premium Shutterstock 459773605

Is Verizon’s New Business Model in Jeopardy?

With wireless subscriber growth basically flatlining and landline usage falling off the map, the...

Natural%20gas%20plant%20stock%20image 1

Utilities Look Towards Growth Outside Their Comfort Zones

Stability. It’s why dividend investors buy utility stocks. No matter the economic environment, we...

Premium Trading%20screen%20stock%20image

The Market Glance For October 3rd: Darden Looks To “Mangia Bene” On Earnings

With September behind them, investors are hoping to leave some of its recent woes behind them as...

401 k%20stock%20image Retirement Center

Is The Shift Towards 401(k)s Actually Hurting Our Retirements?

It seems we are facing a bit of a retirement crisis. We have all read and heard the rumors that...

Premium Wall%20street%20stock%20image

The Market Wrap For September 30th: Cal-Maine Cracks

With the Fed out of the way, investors could get back to business and start worrying about how...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Why E-Commerce Companies Don't Pay Dividends

The creation and widespread adoption of the internet has certainly changed the way we work, play...


Is Procter & Gamble’s Turnaround Working?

When it comes to dividend stalwarts with long histories of keeping the cash flowing, Procter...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

The Key to Dividends Is Tax-Deferred Compounding

Odds are that saving for retirement will be your biggest life expense. For most of us, that...

Premium Nike awesome logo

The Market Glance for September 26: Nike Looks for a Victory

Investors will breathe a sigh of relief this week, because the Fed has spoken. Last Wednesday,...

Premium Dividends%20with%20bills%20picture

Will the High Yield Trade Fall Apart?

It’s no secret that dividend investing has been pretty hot over the last few years. Driven by low...

Premium Vf%20corp%20logo

VF Corporation: A Dividend King in the Making

When investors look for stocks with long streaks of growing dividends, the fashion and apparel...

Shutterstock 87572596

Big Bets on the Bourses

The current volatility facing the markets is enough to make your head spin. FOMC this, Brexit...

Premium Eaworld%20logo

Is There Any Hope for SeaWorld After the Dividend Cut?

One of the biggest no-no’s for dividend stocks is to cut a payout. An even worse sin for a stock...

Premium Fedex%20sign%20on%20wall

The Market Glance for September 19: FedEx Hopes to Ship Better Earnings

Interest rate policy. It’s caused much of the market’s stomach-churning volatility over the last...

Premium Cracker%20barrel%20store

The Market Wrap for September 16: Cracker Barrel Cracks

Investors looking for any relief from last Friday’s market rout were sadly disappointed this...

Premium Champion

Are the Aristocrats, Kings & Champions Really Worth Following

If there is one thing Wall Street loves, it’s a clever marketing term. BRICs, Smart-Beta, Black...

Trump's Victory

How Will Consumer Stocks Be Affected by Donald Trump's Win?

Retail sales and consumerism make up a staggering 60-70% of America’s Gross Domestic Product...

If Hillary Clinton Wins

How Will Consumer Stocks Be Affected If Hillary Clinton Wins?

Retail sales and consumerism make up a staggering 60-70% of America’s Gross Domestic Product...

Premium Shutterstock 403613401

Can Renewable Energy Pay Dividends?

Let’s face the facts. The promise of alternative and renewable energy is great, but when it comes...

Shutterstock 200107667

Enbridge’s Mega-Merger Will Result in Dividend Gold

For midstream firms, it’s all about the cash flows that ultimately drive their steady dividends....

Shutterstock 353116925
Trump's Victory

How Will Financial Stocks Be Affected by Donald Trump's Win?

Despite the internal complaining, the financial sector has actually had it pretty easy under...

Shutterstock 448299580
If Hillary Clinton Wins

How Will Financial Stocks Be Affected If Hillary Clinton Wins?

Despite the internal complaining, the financial sector has actually had it pretty easy under...

Trump's Victory

How Will Healthcare Stocks Be Affected by Donald Trump's Win?

Given our growing global population, investing in healthcare stocks remains a popular theme....

Shutterstock 433057795
If Hillary Clinton Wins

How Will Healthcare Stocks Be Affected If Hillary Clinton Wins?

Given our growing global population, investing in healthcare stocks remains a popular theme....

Premium Oracle image

The Market Glance for September 12: Oracle Takes to the Cloud

Central bank actions continue to drive the markets. Last week, relatively light data and earnings...

Premium Sale%20keyboard%20image

When to Bail on Your Dividend Stocks

When it comes to our portfolios, we have the buying part down. Log on to any financial website,...

Hilllary clinton
If Hillary Clinton Wins

How Will Utilities Be Affected If Hillary Clinton Wins?

It’s no secret that utilities have been hot in recent years. As interest rates have continued to...

Trump's Victory

How Will Utilities Be Affected by Donald Trump's Win?

It’s no secret that utilities have been hot in recent years. As interest rates have continued to...

Premium Marvell

The Market Wrap for September 9th: Marvelous Marvell

The first full trading week of September seems to be back to the market’s old tricks – a dose of...

Shutterstock 438911410

Fill Your Cart With Kroger Stock

Guidance. It’s the cruel mistress of the markets. Analyst and management expectations of what...

Premium Shutterstock 192606716

The Emerging World Is for Dividends Too

When most investors look towards emerging markets, they do so from the point of view of adding...

Premium Valspar%20company%20logo

The Market Glance for September 5th: Valspar Looks to Paint a Better Picture

After last week had August ending with a whimper, the first full trading week of September could...

Premium Dividends%20and%20college%20planning

Dividends & College Planning Do Make Sense

It’s that time of year again, when the air starts to get a little cooler and many American...

Premium Bob%20evans%20logo

The Market Wrap for September 2nd: Bob Evan’s Beats

Investors may be getting a case of déjà vu. With only two trading days into the new month,...

Premium Two%20cigars

Smokin’ Good Dividends

Although socially responsible investing (SRI) has gained steam in recent years, the real money...


Don’t Worry, AbbVie Will Be Just Fine

Patents. It’s what makes the healthcare industry go ’round and ’round. But unfortunately, those...

Premium Screen%20shot%202016 08 26%20at%2012.39.43%20pm

Market Glance for August 29th: Abercrombie Tries to Regain Its Cool Factor

Simply put, August was a month of give and take for investors. It seemed that the entire month...

Premium Dividend%20and%20distributions

Don’t Ignore Dividend Style When Buying a Stock

When it comes to portfolio construction, most investors have asset allocation down pretty well....

Premium Smuckers%20better%20image%20logo

The Market Wrap for August 26: Smucker’s Was a Less Than Sweet Surprise

As expected, the theme for this week was a continuation of last week’s directionless market....

Premium Electrical%20substation

Utilities Are Just Too Darn Expensive Now

When it comes to dividends, there are just certain sectors that investors seem to flock to. These...


Can Aflac Keep Quacking Loud Enough?

Aflac (AFL ) is famous for two things. One is the duck. The other, more pertinent to dividend...

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The Market Glance for August 22: Smucker Sets-Up Big Expectations

After last week’s mixed bag, investors may be in for another listless and directionless week. So...

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Vanguard Offers a Dividend Warning

It’s no secret that dividend investing is a pretty hot trend at the moment. Investing for a share...

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The Market Wrap For August 19th: Target Misses The Mark

For investors, the theme of the week should have been “mixed bag.” In terms of returns, we’ve...


Verizon Is Quickly Becoming More Than Just a Boring Telecom

Telecoms are supposed to be boring stocks — the kind of stuff that “widows and orphans” buy....

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Don’t Forget International REITs in Your Dividend Search

It’s no secret that real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been on fire in recent years....


Dividend Stocks That Pass or Fail Our Stress Test

Stress. Everyone suffers from it, at one time or another. So, too, does your portfolio. From...

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The Market Glance for August 15: Home Depot Builds up Expectations

Despite last week’s up and down nature, stocks managed to hit new record highs. Investors, this...

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Should We Ignore the Election Drama or Not?

Are you sick of the presidential election yet? It seems like this upcoming election cycle has...

Chart analysis

Value or Growth? What Pays Better Dividends

There are plenty of different investment strategies and styles for investors to choose from. But...

Cummingss logo

CMI Stock: A Big Potential Buy Among the Industrials

The only time people ever really think about Cummins Inc. (CMI ) is when they see a Dodge truck...

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CSX: A Value Among the Rail Roads

It’s been a long time since trains used coal to power their engines across America. But the coal...

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Currency Risk: Should You Hedge Your Foreign Dividends?

With interest still in the proverbial toilet, investors needing income have continued to look...

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Are Bonds the New Stocks?

Something very odd is happening. Thanks to divergent monetary policies across the world following...

Premium Idea invest

Don't Ignore Dividend ETFs

Let’s face the facts: dividend stocks are becoming cool again.

Premium Target

Hit the Dividend Bullseye With Target

The last couple of years haven’t exactly been hitting the bullseye for big-box discount retailer...

Oil invest

Big Oil Dividends Are A Big Buy

There are plenty of reasons why investors are drawn to the largest energy stocks out there. After...


Finding Big Yields in BDCs

For dividend hunters, companies that are set up as “pass-through” entities can be great places to...

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The Market Glance for August 1st: AIG Gears Up

A new month ahead means new trading opportunities for investors. Traders would like to forget...

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How to Turn $50,000 Into Nearly $900 Million

When it comes to superstar investors, names like Buffett, Lynch and Soros come to mind. And it’s...

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The Market Wrap For July 29th: Apple Isn’t Rotten

Heading into the last week of July, we aren’t exactly happy. After last weeks’ worth of record...

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PPG Is Way More Exciting Than Watching Paint Dry

There’s plenty of fact that goes into the old expression about being as boring as “watching paint...

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Restaurant Stocks: It May Be Time to Order Something Else

We may want to rethink filling our dividend portfolios full of juicy steaks, deep-fried onion...

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The Market Glance for July 25: 3M Looks to Beat Again

For investors, the last trading week of July will be about one thing: the Fed. And that should...

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Lessons From Two Scary Studies

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you’re here because you’re saving for retirement....

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The Market Wrap for July 22: Goldman Sachs Gets the Beat

It seems that “lower for longer” actually means higher prices for stocks. This week, the fallout...


Is It Pokémon Go or Pokémon No When It Comes to Video Game Dividends?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a mobile phenomenon going on. Pokémon Go has taken over as the...


PREIT: Buy the Transformation

The death of America’s malls might be premature. Actually, let me rephrase that; the death of...

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Will Golden Dividends Shine Once Again?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like 2008. Or at least that’s what gold is telling us. The markets...

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The Market Glance for July 18: Bank of America Leads Off

After last week’s record highs for the major indexes, investors this week will be looking to see...

Premium Smart bulb

Is Smart-Beta So Smart?

Wall Street loves a good marketing term. Terminologies like “BRICs” make it easy to package and...

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The Market Wrap for July 15th: Alcoa Gets a Big Beat

What Brexit? It’s official. Investors have basically brushed off the U.K.’s vote to leave the...

Premium Suncor

Despite the Crude Oil Slowdown, Suncor Could Be a Great Dividend Buy

It’s no secret that the last year or two haven’t exactly been that great for energy stocks....


Telecoms Remain Alternatives for Expensive Utilities

“Risk” is quickly becoming a dirty four-letter word these days. Brexit, slowing growth in China,...

Taxes home
IRA Guide

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), Taxes & Your IRA

Since the Fed has kept interest rates low for so long, investors looking for income have moved...

Premium Alcoa

The Market Glance for July 11: Alcoa Kicks It Off

Brexit aside, the last two weeks have been relatively easy for investors. Sure there was plenty...

Premium Accumulated dividend

Putting Your Dividends to the Test

It was a great day for bank stock investors at the end of June. All but one – sorry Morgan...

Premium Walgreens

The Market Wrap for July 8: Walgreens Beats Again

While the Brexit vote was over two weeks ago, investors still seem uneasy about just what is...

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Intel May Be Worth a Dividend Look

Let’s face facts: tech superstar Intel (INTC ) hasn’t been exactly firing on all cylinders in...

Pound invest

Forget the Brexit. Britain Could Be a Buy for Dividend Investors

The Brexit. It’s been called a “Lehman-like” event by some market pundits. An event capable of...

Premium Walgreen

The Market Glance for July 4: Walgreen's Looks for Healthy Earnings

After last week’s return to volatility – thanks to the surprise Brexit vote – investors will be...

Premium Grow money

The Brexit Could Be Great for REITs

The outcome of the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union hit everyone by surprise....

Premium Brexit risk

The Brexit & Keeping Headline Risk Away

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Britain voted to remove itself from the European Union....

Update color bd png logo

Becton, Dickinson: Plenty of Dividends & Growth Ahead

Healthcare is an exciting industry. We all know the statistics on rising healthcare demand, the “...

Premium Building man

MLPs: Finally Alive and Ready to Run

What was supposed to be a boring “toll-road” style investment turned out to be anything but....

Premium Nike

The Market Glance for June 27: Nike Sets up for a Swoosh

After last week’s Brexit-fueled volatility, this week’s markets will move on actual data – and...

Premium Socialsecurity

Bad News From Social Security? Look for Dividends

Those investors who are lookinig to retire in the near future (or those already in retirement)...

Premium Lazboy

The Market Wrap for June 24: La-Z-Boy Anything but Lazy

What should have been a relatively easy and manageable week for investors – based on what’s going...

Premium Biotech stocks

What? Biotech Stocks for Dividends?

When investors think of biotech stocks, the word “lottery” comes to mind. And for the most part,...


HCP: A Spin-Off & Dividend Cut Is Coming. But That’s A Good Thing

As the world ages and medical advancements continue to improve the quality of life and longevity,...

Premium Fedex

The Market Glance for June 20: Will FedEx Ship Better Earnings?

After last week’s rough ride, investors could be due for another one. And not because of anything...

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Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Dr. Siegel Is Right on When It Comes to Dividends… Sort of

The explosion of financial news, television networks and blogs has created the idea of the “Stock...

Premium Kroger

The Market Wrap for June 17: Kroger's Fifty Quarters of Growth

In case you forget what volatility was, you just have to look at this week’s returns for the...

Premium Tran c

TransCanada Hits The Gas

Pipeline and midstream giant TransCanada (TRP ) has had an “extra-large” problem on its hands the...

Image 1

Rise in Online Shopping? Play It With the Industrial REITs

This past quarter hasn’t exactly been too kind to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail sector....

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The Market Glance For June 13: Oracle Steps Up

So far, June is off to a roaring start. The major stock indexes have climbed ever closer to...

Premium Retire35 Retirement Center

The Hard Choice: Dividends or an Annuity?

Summer is the time for longer days, trips to the beach and vacations. For many ‘Baby Boomers’, it...

Premium Doitright

The Market Wrap for June 10, 2016: Smucker’s Super Sweet Beat

After last week’s shortened trading session, investors have to be pleased with this week’s round...

Premium Walt disney

A Big Bet On The House Of Mouse

The Walt Disney Company (DIS ) is stalwart among American businesses, although you wouldn’t know...


Are The Airlines Now Dividend Plays?

There’s a Wall Street joke that basically goes, “What’s the easiest way to watch your investment...

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The Market Glance for June 6: Will Smucker’s Earnings be Sweet?

After last week’s shortened trading session, the first full week of June is about to kick off....

Premium Photodune 9783030 money xs

Dividends: You Have to Earn Them First

As dividend investors, we love a fat, juicy yield. There’s nothing like getting a check in the...


Blackstone: A Big Time Dividend Bet on a Big Time Asset Manager

There are plenty of asset managers on the planet, but only a few have moved into the upper...

Premium Shutterstock 180656333

The Market Wrap for June 3rd : Actual Joy From Joy Global

As the calendar rolls over to the new month, the summer doldrums are officially here. Although...

Shutterstock 230486260

Follow Norway’s Lead Into Infrastructure

There are institutional investors and then there are INSTITUTIONAL investors. The Scandinavian...

Premium Shutterstock 295562693

The 4% Rule and Dividends

There are a lot of rules and strategies when it comes to investing and retirement; one of the...

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The Market Glance for May 30: Medtronic Takes It to the Heart of Earnings

After last week’s relatively decent performance by the markets, this week could be more of a...

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The Market Wrap for May 27th: Best Buy Was the Best Buy

After last week’s roller coaster down that ended up in the basement, this week was a bit more...


Plant The Seeds Of Dividend Growth With Undervalued Agriculture Stocks

Sixty-two billion dollars. That’s a lot of coin. It’s also the amount of money that German drugs...

Premium Untitled%20design 3

Hercules Technology Growth Capital: Start-Up Tech With a Side Of Dividends

The technology sector has become friendlier for dividend investors over the last few years. More...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance For May 23rd: Will Tiffany & Co. Sparkle This Earning Season?

After last week’s volatility, investors looking for something different this week may be sadly...

Premium Buyselldieonstockcharts

Sell in May? Hardly.

Even with its current army of algorithm-toting day traders and data heads, Wall Street, in...

Premium Changingtrends min

The Market Wrap For May 20th: Target Misses Its Mark

Investors should be used to it by now. This past week was another two steps forward, one step...

Premium House min

Still More Gains Ahead For The Hotel & Lodging REITs

What a difference a few years makes. During the recession, the hotel and lodging sector was one...

Untitled%20design 2

Phillips 66 Partners is One Heck of an MLP

It’s no secret that everyone’s favorite value investor— Warren Buffett— is a sucker for cash...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

The Market Glance for May 16: Home Depot Builds Expectations

After last week’s roller coaster and return to volatility, this week could tee up more of the...

Premium Increasing%20coin%20stack

Dividend Reinvestment Isn’t Always Best

We all know the famous quote from Albert Einstein that compound interest is the greatest force in...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

The Market Wrap for May 13: Disney’s Rare Miss

The beginning of the second quarter was full of hope when it began, especially after the poor...

Premium Canadian%20money%20image

Should You Bank on Canadian Bank Dividends?

For dividend investors, the five biggest Canadian banks have long been rock-solid portfolio...


Add a Dash of Dividend Insurance With Cincinnati Financial

Buying life insurance has to rank right up there with watching paint dry or grass grow in terms...

Premium Stock%20chart%20image

The Market Glance for May 9: Will the Sun Shine on Sun Life?

So far, the second quarter hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride for investors. After starting off...

Premium Calendar%20image

So How Do You Want Your Dividends?

Ask any dividend investor about how they chose an income investment and odds are they’ll talk...

Premium Stock%20chart%20image

The Market Wrap for May 6: Clorox Keeps It Clean

This is not what we expected the second quarter to be. After a great start out of the gate, the...

Premium Industrial%20company%20image

Growth and Income in the Industrials

For those investors looking for dividends, boring can be good. I take that back actually. Boring...


After Its Earnings Miss, Mr. Softy Could Be a Big Buy

For dividend investors, the technology sector is quickly becoming the sector for dividend growth....

Premium Stock%20market%20chart%20image

The Market Glance for May 2: AIG Steps up Before the Breakup

After last week’s series of big declines and poor performances, this week could shape up to be...

Premium Dividends%20image

Don’t Just Focus on the Obvious When Searching for Dividends

Let’s call a spade, a spade. We dividend investors are a particularly boring lot. There’s nothing...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

The Market Wrap for April 29: Apple Ends up Rotten

Well, that was fun while it lasted. The relatively smooth ride during the first couple of weeks...


Are the High-Yielding Shipping Stocks Worth the Gamble?

There are some sectors of the market that always seem to have really high yields. For example,...


Waste Management: Turning Trash Into Dividend Treasure

By and large, most Americans are blissfully unaware of what happens to the nearly 250 million...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

The Market Glance for April 25: Taking a Bite out of Apple

Last week’s decent market performance and relatively low volatility was driven by a lack of...

Premium Dividend%20yield%20image

A Look at Yield on Cost

Investing is a game of numbers. It’s full of metrics. From price-earnings ratios and book value...

Premium Stock%20chart%20image

The Market Wrap for April 22: The Chips Fall at Intel

Investors have to be relatively pleased with this week’s performance by the markets. Following...

Premium Consumer%20staples%20image

Are Consumer Staples Stocks Getting Too Pricey?

There are certain sectors of the market that tend to be favorite stomping grounds for income...


Rock Solid Dividends With BlackRock

When it comes to gambling, everyone knows that the “house always wins.” The odds are always...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

The Market Glance for April 18: Will PepsiCo Lose Its Fizz?

After last week’s gains, this upcoming week could be more of a mixed bag as data is pretty much...

Premium Tax%20feature%20image

Dividends: One of Your Best Friends Come Tax Time

First, some good news. Thanks to an obscure holiday, we get a few extra days to file and pay our...

Premium Stock%20market%20chart

The Market Wrap for April 15: Alcoa Beats With a Big Asterisk

For investors, the rally that ended the first quarter continued this week at a muted pace. After...


Oracle Is No Dividend Dinosaur

For many investors, software firm Oracle (ORCL ) is considered a tech-sector dinosaur. A hold...

Premium Data%20center%20image

The Data Center REITs Are Just Killing It

If Madonna wrote her hit “Material Girl” today, she might have called it “Digital Girl.”...


Qualcomm’s 10% Dividend Increase: Built on the Back of Future Growth

Chip manufacturer and CDMA specialist Qualcomm Inc.’s (QCOM ) recent 10% jump in its dividend...

Premium Stock%20chart%20image

The Market Glance for April 11: Alcoa Kicks It off

The start of the second quarter didn’t begin as investors had hoped. Stocks spent much of their...

Premium Negative%20interest%20rates%20image

Wait, What? Did You Say Negative Interest Rates?

These are crazy times we are living in, especially for investors. Since the Great Recession, the...

Premium Stock%20chart%20tablet%20image

The Market Wrap for April 8: ConAgra’s Earnings Get Cookin’

The start to the second quarter wasn’t exactly what investors were looking for. After finishing...

Premium Oil%20pipeline%20image

Did MLPs Just Bottom?

With the Fed keeping interest rates in the basement for so long, many investors have sought new...


Is WWE’s Dividend in Danger?

I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched professional wrestling; it probably was in the 1980s...

Premium Stock%20market%20chart

The Market Glance for April 4: Walgreens Prescribes Better Earnings

After the roller coaster that was the first quarter of the year, stocks managed to actually...

Premium Coin%20stacks%20stock%20chart

A Look at Shareholder Yield

One of my other duties here at Mitre Media is writing for our sister site on the latest...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

The Market Wrap for April 1: McCormick Spices Up Earnings

Investors couldn’t ask for a better end to the first quarter. After the rocky roller coaster that...


Grab Some Healthy Dividend Growth With Medtronic

Health care remains one of the brightest spots when looking at longer-term investment ideas. The...

Premium Office%20building%20image

Smaller Office REITs Are Starting to Shine

There’s an old adage that says real estate is all about “location, location, location.” Well,...

Premium Stock%20price%20chart

The Market Glance for March 28: Cal-Maine Might Crack

After a shortened trading week, investors should be coming into the final few days of March...

Premium Cash%20flow%20faucet%203

Picking Dividend Winners Is as Easy as C-A-S-H

Dividends. We all love them. And we all realize that dividends have been one of the biggest...

Premium Preferred%20stock%20image

The Preferred Play in Preferred Stock

Dividends remain one of the best tools around for income seekers. The favorable tax rates and...

Premium Water%20feature%20image

Drip, Drip, Drip Go Your Dividends With Water Stocks

When it comes to investing in commodities, most investors focus their attention on natural...


General Mills: A Tasty Dividend Treat for Now

When it comes to ruling the world’s breakfast tables, General Mills (GIS ) is the cereal king....

Premium Stock%20chart%20feature%20image

The Market Glance for March 21: Nike Swooshes Towards Earnings

Last week was a tale of small victories for investors. Victories included moving into positive...

Premium Flock%20of%20geese

How to Benefit From the Flock

About a week ago, I looked at the pending merger, or potential lack of a deal, by Energy Transfer...

Premium Curved%20stock%20ticker%20image

Market Wrap for March 18: The Fed Provides the Rocket Fuel

Like Beckett’s Vladimir and Estragon, investors this week were endlessly waiting. But unlike...

Premium Mortgage%20concept%20image

Are the Mortgage REITs a Big Dividend Buy?

Who doesn’t love a high dividend yield? For investors in mortgage REITs (mREITs), those high...


Things Get Better for Valero and Its Dividend

For the refining stocks, the last few years have been absolutely great. As we continued to frack...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

Market Glance for March 14: FedEx Gets Ready to Ship Earnings Higher

Last week, the markets could only be described as “ehhh.” The stock market managed to flip-flop...

Premium Taxes%20feature%20image

Don’t Overlook Taxes and Their Implications in Retirement

We all know the old adage courtesy of Benjamin Franklin: “The only things certain are death and...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

Market Wrap for March 11: Dollar General Makes a Few More Dollars

Investors hoping that this week would continue last week’s big-time rally were sorely...

Premium Deepwater%20drilling%20image

There’s Still More Pain Ahead for the Deepwater Drillers

There have been plenty of consequences from the crash in crude oil and natural gas. In addition...


Williams' High Yield Might Be Worth a Bet

The carnage in the oil and gas sector has finally come to a head for many firms. Fighting...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

Market Glance for March 7: Dollar General Looks to Make a Few Dollars

After last week’s series of gains, this week could be shaping up to be another bullish ride.

Premium Gender%20inequality%20image

The Gender Gap Is Real, Especially When It Comes to Retirement Savings

Usually around tax time here in the U.S., you’ll start to see plenty of advertisements and...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for March 4: Kroger’s Super Supermarket Earnings

The bull is back!! Ok, maybe it’s not a full-blown bull market, but investors should be...


Restaurant Stocks Serve up a Tasty Dish

Guess what? Americans are finally acting like Americans again, at least on the consumer spending...


Deere Can Outrun CAT

While China’s recent economic slowdown can only be blamed for some of the market’s recent...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance for February 29: Abercrombie Tries to Keep Its Cool

After last week’s continued trend of “push me, pull you”-styled trading, investors could be...

Premium Magnified%20increasing%20coin%20stacks

Index or Active? Why Not Both?

When Jack Bogle created Vanguard and launched the world’s first index fund back in 1976, people...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for February 26: Cracker Barrel’s Results Offset

Surprise, surprise. The market’s had another volatile, roller coaster ride of a week. This time,...


BHP Billiton: Buy When There’s Blood in the Streets

That hissing sound you hear is the sound of the commodities supercycle deflating. At least,...

Premium Public%20storage%20company%20logo

Listen to This PSA and Buy Public Storage

As the housing sector has continued to struggle along, many investors have turned their...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance for February 22: J M Smucker’s Earnings Will Be So Jelly

After last week’s rally, investors looking for similar gains may be sadly disappointed this week....

Premium Charlie%20munger%20portrait%202

Don’t Forget About Buffett’s Partner

Everyone loves Warren Buffett. What’s not to like about America’s favorite value investor....

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for February 19: Wal-Mart Disappoints on Sales

The day off proved to be just what investors needed. This week, the markets seemed like their old...

Premium Genuine%20parts%20company%20logo

Genuine Parts Company: Boring Equals Beautiful When It Comes to Dividends

Sexy stocks make for good stories. That’s why there are 9,000 articles published about Tesla (...


REITs: Finally a Sector All Their Own. And That’s Good for Gains

What’s not to like about real estate investment trusts (REITs)? Created by Congress as a way for...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance for February 15: Running Like a Deere

After last week’s torrent of pain and big-time losses for the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq,...

Premium Money%20tree%20dividends%20image

I’ll Take My Dividends, Thank You

Considering that this is a dividend-focused website, most of you reading this are here for the...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for February 12: AIG Boosts Its Dividend

Even if we haven’t hit “official” bear market numbers, this is certainly feeling like a bear...


ConocoPhillips: After the Dividend Cut, Is COP Stock a Buy?

At this point, it’s no secret that the energy sector is hurting pretty badly right now. As prices...

Premium Railroad%20tracks%20feature%20image

The Railroads Could Chug Right Along Through 2016 & Beyond

Sometimes the best portfolio opportunities are the ones that are a tad bit sleepy, and few...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance for February 8: DIS & the House of Mouse Get Ready to Report

With the start of February already a doozy, investors looking for a break should just go into...

Premium Super%20bowl%20logo

America’s Favorite Sport & Stock Returns

This weekend, millions of American’s will sit back, eat a ton of chicken wings, drown themselves...

Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for February 5: Aflac Quacks Loudly With a Beat

With one month down, investors may want to get a case of Pepto-Bismol for the remaining 11 months...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%2854%29

You Want Cheap Dividends? Look to Financial Stocks

The markets haven’t exactly been kind to “growth” sectors in recent months. Fears about dropping...


VEREIT Is Becoming a Dividend Contender Once Again

“Turnarounds” can be a great place for investors to find big time gains and profits. That is, if...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%2837%29

The Market Glance for February 1: Mattel Plays With Investors' Hearts

While last week was up and down, this week could end up being just straight downwards as...

Premium Emerging%20markets%20feature%20image

A Guru-less Play Into Emerging Markets

While most of us were stuck in the midst of snowstorm Jonas, the elite of the exchange-traded...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for January 29: Taking a Bite out of Apple

At this point, investor’s should be used to the up and down swings of the market. The last...


Johnson Controls Is Becoming a Great Dividend Stock

The problem for industrial conglomerate Johnson Controls (JCI ) was that the market had always...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Glance for January 25: Apple, McDonalds and Halliburton! OH MY!

After last week’s continued bout of volatility, investors are going to experience smooth sailing...

Premium My%20money

Go Big or Go Home: Focus on the Mega-Caps

It seems that the sell-off in stocks has picked up steam over the last few weeks. So far this...

Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

The Market Wrap for January 22: Goldman Sachs Proves the Vampire Squid Is Alive and Well

Though the markets were closed on Monday due to the Martin Luther King Day holiday, the rest of...

Plains%20all american%20company%20logo

Plains All-American Reassures Its Investors for Now

The energy sector has been an absolute disaster over the last year or so. Oil continues to fall...

Premium Photodune 514786 stock market diagram xs 300x212

The Market Glance for January 18: Is Kinder Morgan Ready to Pipe Profits?

After last week’s volatility, investors could be looking for a much needed break. And they’ll get...

Premium Jimmy%20buffet%20portrait

Listen to Uncle Jimmy and Take It Easy

I have to confess. I’m a bit of a Parrothead. Having grown up in Clearwater Beach, Florida and on...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

Market Wrap for January 15: Volatility Reigns Supreme as JPM Shines

I hope investors took their Dramamine this week because the market’s moves were enough to make...


BP: Value or Value Trap?

For major integrated energy giant BP (BP ), the years following the global credit crisis and...

Premium Photodune 514786 stock market diagram xs 300x212

The Market Glance for January 11: Alcoa Kicks Us Off

Last week was full of misery and woe for investors. Threats from China as well as poor economic...

Premium Volatile%20stock%20chart%20image

Seasick Yet? You Can Manage Your Portfolio’s Volatility

In case you haven’t noticed, the market’s big swings are back. And they’re back with a...

Premium Photodune 1550482 stock market price abstract xs

Market Wrap for January 8: Sonic Sells More Chili Dogs While the Market Sell-Off Intensifies

One word sums up the start of 2016 and that would be “down.” At this point, investors may want to...


Realty Income: 82 Dividend Increases & Counting

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been a great way for investors to score some wonderful...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%287%29

Market Glance for January 3rd: Welcome to the New Year as Monsanto Queues up Earnings

Welcome to the New Year! Traders and investors may want to thank the investment gods that the...


Dividends With a Side of Sin

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has been gaining lots of steam lately as many investors,...


The REIT Way to Forget the Fed

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been a great place for investors to find big yields...

Shutterstock 314802329

Moat Matters When it Comes to Dividends

What makes a great dividend stock? For many investors, the answer would likely be steadily rising...

Premium Bmw leipzig media 050719 download karosseriebau max%20%281%29

The Technology Sector Is the Place for Dividend Growth

If you had to guess which sectors are the best for finding dividends, odds are you’d say...


Municipal Bonds Still Have the Goods

Perhaps the most pervasive story of 2015 has been the dual threat and promise of rising interest...

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Don't Bypass Smaller Stocks When Looking for Dividends

When it comes to small- and mid-cap stocks, most investors look at them as capital gains...

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A Look at the 12 Days of Christmas & Inflation

The holidays are great for numerous reasons. From the food and the presents to cheesy Saturday...

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An Overlooked Way to Add Stocks & Bonds on the Cheap

Everyone loves a deal. Getting a product or service for 10% off is great no matter how you slice...

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Give Your Portfolio The “Royal” Treatment

Gold is a peculiar thing. Its value is derived from what people are willing to pay for it. We...

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Big Oil's Dividends Are Safe… for Now

To say it’s been a wild ride in the energy sector over the last year or so would be an...

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Don’t Overlook International Dividends

One of the biggest misconceptions in investing is that domestic markets are somehow safer and...

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Market Glance for December 14th: The Focus Is on the Fed, Not FedEx

After last week’s energy stock-related losses, investors are going to have a hard time gauging...

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Does 60/40 Still Work for Investors?

When looking to the markets, there are a lot of historical rules that we all seem to take for...

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Market Wrap December 11th: A Weak Week for Energy as Kinder Morgan Cuts

Investors may actually get a lump of coal in their stockings this December. It’s shaping up to be...


After Kinder Morgan’s Big Dividend Cut, Should Investors Worry?

Pipeline firms are supposed to be boring. They are supposed to just sit back and collect the fees...

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Market Glance For December 7th: A Warehouse Full Of Profits At Costco As The Fed Looms

After last week’s big declines in the markets, investors may be in for another interesting ride....

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Looking At Other “Options” For Income

Anyone who has been following this Sunday column with any frequency over the last few months will...

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Market Wrap December 4th: Bob Evans Beats As Consumer Stocks Take The Stage

With the last trading month of the year underway, investors may want to fast forward into 2016....

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Dividend Paying Utilities Stocks May Be A Bargain

So much of today’s investment cycle is driven by the Fed and its decision on whether or not to...

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American Eagle & Others Set To Report as The Fed Looms

After the shortened trading week – thanks to Thanksgiving – this week comes in hot and heavy....

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Forget Black Friday For Retailers

Here in America, we have a little Thanksgiving tradition—it’s called trampling over your...

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Market Wrap: John Deere Delivers as The Markets Get Bouncy

Light would be the best way to describe this past week. With the Thanksgiving holiday occurring...

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A Hefty Bet On Infrastructure Dividends

New York City is facing an $80 million per year problem. That’s the amount of money that it...

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The Market Glance For November 23rd

Last week, the markets seemed to lift themselves out of their doldrums. Positive reactions to...

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The $106,445.56 Mistake

As the old saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon departed.” For Joe Campbell, that lesson...

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The Market Wrap For November 20th

After the last few weeks of dour data, dour earning’s guidance and dour Federal Reserve...

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A Big Deal Highlights Timber’s Appeal

The cool thing about dividend investing is that when it’s done right, it’s pretty boring—and...

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Market Glance For November 16th

Last week was a downer to say the least. Recent unemployment data has pointed to the fact that...

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Should You Take A Shine To Gold?

By nature, I’m a value investor. I generally don’t do “growth” stocks or invest in the latest...

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Market Wrap-Up for November 13: The Week in Review

Maybe the markets were being a tad bit superstitious this week as this Friday is the 13th, but...

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Look Before You Leap Into MLPs

I’ve been a big fan of master limited partnerships (MLPs) for quite a while now. The tax...

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Market Glance for November 9: The Week Ahead

After last week’s continued Fed presence, with Janet Yellen and others providing testimony and...

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Fill the Gap with Dividends

No one likes waking up and finding out that they are about $50,000 poorer. But for many baby...

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Market Wrap-Up for November 6: The Week in Review

“Push me, pull me” could be the market’s new mantra. Once again, we experienced another week of...


Profit as the Sun Shines & the Wind Blows

Say what you will about Goldman Sachs (GS ), but the truth is, it knows how to make money for its...

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Market Glance for November 2

A new week also brings a new trading month. However, investors won’t be able to forget the past,...

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Frightfully Expensive Investments

Ah, Halloween. Here in the States the past week finally brought the ghoulishly wonderful time for...

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Market Wrap-Up for October 30: The Week in Review

This week was all about three little letters: F.E.D. Once again, the Federal Reserve and its...

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The Total Return vs. Dividend Growth Smack-Down

Just as there are numerous investors in the markets, there are numerous styles of investing. And...

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John Bogle Is Wrong About Owning International Stocks

It’s the holidays and your entire family is together, and all of sudden you’re stuck talking to...

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Market Wrap-Up for October 23: The Week in Review

This week proved to be an interesting one for the markets. As we’ve seen over the last few weeks,...

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“Invest in What You Know” Is Still Good Advice

Just as there are a multitude of investor types, there’s a multitude of different ways investors...


Market Glance for October 19: The Week Ahead

After last week’s roller coaster of market gains and declines, this week could see more of the...

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Follow Your Inner Tree-Hugger in Your Portfolio

One of the best parts about living in the Great Lake States, and previously New England, is...

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Market Wrap-Up for October 16: The Week in Review

The hope is that investors like roller-coaster rides. This week once again proved that volatility...

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A Tip About TIPS

I think most people at this point, religious or not, have heard the old parable about Noah and...

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Market Glance for October 12: The Week Ahead

Despite some dour data last week, stocks finished in the black as investors and traders bet that...


Avoiding “Story Stocks”

One of my favorite books of all time happens to be Rudyard Kipling’s Kim. The story takes place...

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Market Wrap-Up for October 9: The Week in Review

“Lower for longer” seems to be the new mantra for investors this week. After disappointing...

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Value Stocks Are a Dividend Investor's Best Friend

There are certain rivalries that will remain timeless and everlasting: cats vs. dogs; Chicago...

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Market Glance for October 5: The Week Ahead

Welcome to the first full week of the fourth quarter. And if Q4 is going to be anything like the...

Jim cramer

Following Jim Cramer’s Best Piece of Advice

The markets are full of polarizing characters. Icahn, Chanos, and even Warren Buffett all have...


Market Wrap-Up for October 2: The Week in Review

This week marked the end of September. And for many investors, this was a month and quarter they’...

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Looking for Dividend & Bond Proxies? Say Hello to Liquid Alts

This is a weird investing world we are about to enter. And it’s all thanks to the threat of...

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Market Glance for September 28: The Week Ahead

Last week could have been the unofficial start of the real bear market. From bad economic data to...


A Baseball Legend & Investing

I love baseball. And not just because by going to the games I can somehow justify eating like...

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Market Wrap-Up for September 25: The Week in Review

Welcome to the bear market. After five years or so of stock gains since the Great...

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Market Wrap-Up for September 21: The Week Ahead

For investors, last week was a week to forget. Volatility, and the market’s losses, surged as the...

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Black Monday and ETFs: Are Dividend Stocks a Better Bet?

The markets have been a wild roller coaster ride over the last few months. Volatility has come...

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Stop Thinking About the Fed!

The last few weeks have been excruciating. And not just because my fall seasonal allergies have...

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Market Wrap-Up for September 18: The Week in Review

This past week can only be summed up with two words: Federal Reserve. No matter what else was...

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Market Wrap-Up for September 14: The Week in Review

The last few weeks’ worth of volatility may have come from jitters relating to slowing Chinese...

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Market Wrap-Up for September 11: The Week in Review

The shortened trading week provided no comfort for investors looking for the end of market...

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Market Wrap-Up for September 7: The Week in Review

Last week proved to be another volatile one for the markets as the dual “threats” of the pending...

Photodune 514786 stock market diagram xs 300x212

Market Wrap-Up for September 4: The Week in Review

One word can sum up the market over the past week: volatility. Once again, the markets have been...

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Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Wearable Technology: Now Everyone Can Be Dick Tracy

Back in the 1930s, iconic comic book character Dick Tracy used a wrist radio to communicate with...

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Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Man's Best Friend: Dogs, Cats, and Dividends

American’s love their fur-babies. Whether it’s cats, dogs or in some cases, anteaters,...

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