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Dividend Stock Portfolios

Building a dividend stock portfolio couldn't be easier with our Dividend Portfolio Generator! Select your dividend goals below, and a suggested portfolio will be instantly generated for you.

All of the stocks listed in these sample portfolios have achieved a "Recommended" or higher rating from our rigorous DARS™ rating criteria.

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Stocks in this portfolio feature high dividend yields (4% or greater) and very little risk in terms of dividend payout cuts or significant price declines. This portfolio is perfect for retirees seeking a dividend income stream.

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Stocks in this portfolio feature both solid growth prospects as well as medium-sized dividend yields (2% to 4%). This portfolio is geared toward dividend-minded investors who are looking for both price growth and dividends, and are willing to accept a reasonable measure of risk.

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Stocks in this portfolio have varying dividend yields (some very low, some very high). These stocks are suitable only for nimble investors who are willing to accept higher degrees of risk. These "aggressive" dividend-payers are prime candidates for high growth and dividend

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More about our Dividend Portfolios

We ask our users to choose a portfolio type so that we may automatically create dividend stock portfolios that suit different people's lifestyles and situations. We've gone to the trouble of coding every dividend stock on our site to one (or more) of the three portfolio types shown above.