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Calder H Lamb is an experienced business and finance writer and editor whose expertise stems from working at a fortune 100 Company and writing for notable news outlets such as Oilprice.com, Dividend.com and ETFdb.com.

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Top Ten Countries with the Highest Interest Rates

With Brazil’s recent downgrade to “junk” status, we take a look at other such...

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Impact of a Possible Rate Rise on the Top Ten Countries That Own U.S. Debt

Everyone knows the Federal Reserve of the United States is going to raise rates. But when, by how...

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Top Ten U.S. Trading Partners to Be Impacted by the Fed's Decision

When U.S. interest rates are in a rising environment, it means that U.S. debt will become more...

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Free Dividends in China: China Cuts Long-Term Investor Dividend Tax Rates to Zero

In a shocking statement on Monday, Beijing announced that it would remove personal income tax on...

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Facebook vs. Twitter: Why Doesn't Social Media Pay Dividends?

Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR ) are both massive technologies companies that generate revenue...

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Health Care vs. Commodities: Finding the Best Strategy

Over the last few days everyone’s portfolio has seen dramatic volatility; here at Dividend.com...

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Unforgettable Life Lessons From Shark Investor Kevin O'Leary

While all the judges on the sixth season of Shark Tank are notable and entertaining in their own...

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Kevin O'Leary's Stock Screening Methodology

Kevin O’Leary has risen to public prominence through the hit TV show Shark Tank. His sharp wit...

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The Global Market Shudders: Smart Money Moves Towards Dividend Payers

The Shanghai Composite has fallen by approximately 37% since its high of 5,128 on June 12, 2015....

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Kevin O'Leary's Top 10 OUSA Dividend Holdings

You probably know Kevin O’Leary, from the hit show Shark Tank, for his piercing questions, snarky...


Google is Dead, Long Live Google!

The Google we all know and love is dead. According to a recent shareholder letter by Larry Page,...

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A Global Market Concern: The Devaluation of the Chinese Yuan

The Chinese yuan experienced the largest one-day fall in value yesterday since 1994, trading at...

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Dividends from the Waste Pipeline

The waste management industry is so essential to the proper functioning of a densely populated...

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Is Caffeine Your Vitamin? Dividends From Your Daily Addiction

Some of the largest companies in the world right now are competing over your coffee addiction...

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SoulCycle: A Fast Paced IPO, but No Finish Line for Dividend Investors

SoulCycle is an IPO that could pay handsomely for short-term investors, but is unlikely to...

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An Unlikely Driver in the Soaring Firearm Market

Guns. While there are conflicting views on U.S. firearm policy and law, what is clear is that the...

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