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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t addressed on this page please contact us.

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All Frequently Asked Questions Premium

What is Premium? Premium is a dividend-centric online stock subscription service. It is the most popular dividend-focused service on the web, counting thousands of retail investors as well as big-name money managers among its subscribers. Premium provides members with dividend stock recommendations, alerts, data, and much more. To view everything our service has to offer and to sign up for a free two-week trial (no credit card required), please click here to sign up.

What does a Premium subscription include?

A subscription to Premium includes access to several exclusive benefits, including:

  • Our daily Dividend Stock Email Newsletter,
  • Access to our industry-leading Best Dividend Stocks list,
  • Proprietary DARS Ratings on nearly 1,600 dividend-paying stocks,
  • Exclusive tools like our new Monthly Dividend Income Generator and Dividend Portfolio Generator,
  • Unlimited Access to our Ex-Dividend Date Calendar,
  • Over 50 years of historical dividend data,
  • Create custom watchlists of dividend stocks to track news and price movements,
  • …and much more.

You can view a full list of Premium benefits, as well as details on how to subscribe, by clicking here.

Dividend Stock Ratings

What is a DARS™ Rating?

DARS™ (Dividend Advantage Rating System) is’s proprietary rating system we use to evaluate dividend stocks. Each stock we cover is given a DARS™ Rating of one to five stars, based upon five distinct criteria.

Learn more about DARS™ here.

Why don’t you rate certain stocks?

Because of the structure of our ratings system, we currently only cover traditional dividend-paying equities that trade on U.S.-based stock exchanges. Please note that we do not cover:

  • Non-dividend stocks,
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) stocks (pink sheets),
  • ETFs, closed-end funds, and other non-traditional equities,
  • Any stocks that do not provide regular, reliable dividend data in the form of press releases.
    If you feel we’ve neglected to cover a dividend stock that doesn’t fall into the above categories, please contact us and let us know.

Dividend Dates

When do I need to own a stock by in order to receive its next scheduled dividend?

You must own a stock before its ex-dividend date in order to receive the next dividend. For more information on dividend dates, please visit our dedicated section in the Dividend Stock Library.

Why haven’t you updated the dividend dates for Stock XYZ?

We update our dividend data on a daily basis, normally on the same day that new dividend dates/payouts are announced. Please bear in mind that many companies may wait several weeks, or even months, to announce their next dividend date/payout.

In fact, some companies may opt to wait until mere days before the planned ex-dividend date to make their announcement.

How long must I hold a stock after its Ex-Dividend Date to receive the dividend?

Generally speaking, you can sell a stock on its ex-dividend date and still receive the next dividend. Always consult with your broker first, however, as they may have non-standard clearing policies.

For more information on dividend dates, please visit our dedicated section in the Dividend Stock Library.

How can I find a list of dividend dates?

Please consult our Ex-Dividend Date Calendar to see what stocks will pay dividends in the near future.

You can also enter a stock symbol in the upper left hand corner of any page (“Company or Symbol”) to view the stock’s profile page, which contains all of its dividend data.

General Questions

Should I buy or sell Stock XYZ?

Unfortunately, we are not investment advisors and thus cannot offer personalized investment advice. The materials published on our site are intended for discussion purposes only, and reflect only the opinion(s) of the author(s).

How long has been in operation?

The idea for was conceived in late 2007, and our website went live in mid-2008. Since then, we’ve grown to service hundreds of thousands of investors per month, while several thousand investors have subscribed to our Premium service.