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Market Wrap for August 17: The Wall of Worry Grows

It seems investors may have hit their breaking point this week.

With the number of earnings...

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The Market Wrap for August 3: Key U.S. Indices Booked Four Consecutive Monthly Gains in July

Major U.S. stock indices remained range-bound over the last month and the rampant volatility made...

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The Market Wrap for July 13: President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Is as Pro-Business as It Gets

It was a happening week with lots of good earnings reports, but the market turned bullish early...

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The Market Wrap for July 6: Fate of the Global Supply Chain Lingers On

Independence Day shortened the week and trading volume was low, but the CBOE volatility index...


Medtronic PLC: Continuing Its 40+ Years of Dividend Hikes

Medtronic PLC (MDT ) is one of the largest medical device companies in the world. Medtronic...


Once Again, Apple Doesn’t Disappoint

The world’s most valuable company has once again succeeded in silencing its critics. Shares of...

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Get Ready for ‘Mixed Economic Signals’

Data. In the long run, it’s one thing that can truly move the market.

How investors react and...

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Trade War Is Bad for the U.S. Economy but Not for U.S. Steel

Despite economists saying this protectionist trade policy will cost the U.S. economy thousands of...

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No Trade War, Thank You

You have to give President Trump credit. He really sticks to his guns and edict about putting “...

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Will Trump’s Tariffs Help Steel Stocks?

If there has been one sector that hasn’t really received any love from investors over the last...

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As Consumer Staples Holds Steady, Kellogg’s Moves up on Most Watched Stocks List

As the Dow cracked 572 points on Friday, there were two sectors that stood tall, consumer goods...

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The Market Wrap for March 23: Fed Raised GDP Estimates

The stock markets continued to trade without directional movement as the Fed issued its first...

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Are Emerging Markets Poised for a Decline?

After years of dragging their heels since the recession, emerging markets are, once again, hot....


Cryptocurrency and the U.S. Economy

2017 was a trend-setting year for cryptocurrencies, as hundreds of billions of dollars flowed...

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The Market Wrap for January 12: China Plans to Halt U.S. Bond Purchases

Stocks had a good start early in the week, but comments from Chinese policymakers about halting...

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Should We Worry About China Just Simmering?

Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, ”China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes...

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Time to Prepare for International Growth

After what seems like a decade in the dumps, the economy is finally moving in the right...

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Should Dividend Investors Make a Play for the Frontier?

At this point, investing in emerging markets is second nature for many portfolios.

A lot has been...

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America First, but You Should Still Care About China

On the surface, the ‘dragon’ has a nasty case of the hiccups. But rather than breathing fire,...

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Low Volatility. High Uncertainty. What Gives?

This market is anything but normal. And the current state of the markets has gotten more bizarre...

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How China’s Slump Will Affect Dividend Investors

As far as U.S. markets go, 2016 started out with a thud. Equity prices have dropped as the first...


Trending This Week: Dividend Stalwarts Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart

The analysts here at Dividend.com analyzed the search patterns of visitors to our site during the...


Market Wrap-Up for October 2: The Week in Review

This week marked the end of September. And for many investors, this was a month and quarter they’...


Market Wrap-Up for September 25: The Week in Review

Welcome to the bear market. After five years or so of stock gains since the Great...


Sempra Energy Increases Dividend by 8%

Each day, companies and funds across the globe announce upcoming dividend payouts. In our ...

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Sempra Energy Increases Dividend by 8%

Each day, companies and funds across the globe announce upcoming dividend payouts. In our ...


Philip Morris International Inc. Leads 153 Securities Going Ex-Dividend This Week

There are 153 securities going ex-dividend this week starting Monday, March 18th. For income...

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The Market Wrap for March 15: A Wild Ride

By all measure, this week should have been data driven. It saw a plethora of important economic...