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Visa, Exxon Mobil, Eli Lilly & Royal Dutch Shell Go Ex-dividend This Week

There are many securities going ex-dividend this week starting Monday, November 8. For income investors looking to generate more income as part of a dividend capture strategy, a security must be purchased one day before the ex-dividend date to capture the dividend payout. This would make the individual a shareholder of record and would entitle the investor to be paid the dividend on the payable date.

Key Insights

There are 15 major securities going ex-dividend this week. You can find a complete explanation of the ex-dividend date, record date, payment date and declaration date here. This information can help to broaden your understanding of the dividend capture strategy.

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Note: Market Cap, dividend yield and % off from 52 week high figures are as Wednesday, November 3.

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Highest and Lowest Dividend Yield Securities

Best and Worst 52-Week Performance Securities

Stay up to Date

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