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International Sales Breakdown: Apple, Ford & More

While many investors seek foreign stocks to diversify their portfolio, it can get complicated and is not always necessary. By investing in big-name U.S. based companies, investors can still gain international exposure. Below is a breakdown of the international sales of seven big-name dividend stocks.


While Cupertino, CA-based Apple Inc. (AAPL ) obtains its sales all throughout the world; more than 40% of all revenue comes from the Americas region and over 25% of revenue is obtained in Europe. In total, Apple’s international sales account for more than 50% of total revenues. Furthermore, more than half of the company’s revenue is from iPhone sales, while iPads are the second most sold product. Please note this data is from Apple’s 2014 10-K.

Johnson & Johnson

New Brunswick, NJ-based pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ ) obtains almost half of its revenue from the U.S. Worldwide, almost 60% of its revenue is from pharmaceutical drug sales. The company’s broad range of consumer products only accounts for 12% of its total sales, while its medical device segment brings in 32% of sales. This data is from JNJ’s 2013 10-K.

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General Electric

Fairfield, CT-based General Electric Company (GE ) obtains more than 60% of its total revenue from the Americas region. GE Capital accounts for 30% of the company’s revenue – more than any other segment. Other than GE Capital, the company’s Power and Water, and Aviation segments bring in the most amount of revenue. This data is from GE’s 2013 10-K.

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International Business Machines

Based in Armonk, NY, information technology giant International Business Machines Corp. (IBM ) obtains more revenue from the Americas than any other region. Almost 40% of its total revenue worldwide is from the Global Technology Services segment, while its Software business brings in the second largest amount of revenue at 26%. This data is from IBM’s 2013 10-K.


Burbank, CA-based entertainment company The Walt Disney Company (DIS ) brings in most of its revenue in the U.S. and Canada. The company that is most well known for its movies and theme parks actually obtains most of its revenue (45%) from its Media Networks segment. The company’s Parks and Resorts segment accounts for 30% of revenue. This data is from DIS’s 201410-K.

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Chicago, IL-based aerospace company The Boeing Company (BA) depends on several international regions for its revenue, but still obtains more revenue from the U.S. than any other region. More than 60% of the company’s total revenue comes from its Commercial Airplanes segment, while its Defense, Space & Security segments account for the remaining revenue. This data is from BA’s 2013 10-K.


Dearborn, MI-based automobile company Ford Motor Company (F ) brings in most of its revenue in North America. Ford’s international sales outside of the Amercias account for roughly 40%. The company’s automobile segment accounts for 95% of its revenue, while its financial services segment brings in the remaining revenue. This data is from Ford’s 2013 10-K.

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The Bottom Line

Most big-name companies derive at least a portion of their sales from international sources, while some companies have plenty of room for growth in international markets. While investors get caught up in the idea diversifying their portfolio by adding international stocks, international exposure can be achieved by simply adding a U.S. company.