KHC The Kraft Heinz Company

  • KHC
  • Price as of: Jan 24, 09:51 AM EST
  • $88.92
  • +$0.12
  • +0.1%
  • Industry
  • Food - major diversified

KHC Stock Dividend Data

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  • Dividend Yield
    2.70% Consumer Goods Average 1.68%
  • Annualized Payout
    $2.40 Paid Quarterly
  • Payout Ratio
    72.9% EPS $3.29
  • Dividend Growth
    3 yrs Since 2014
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Upcoming Dividend Payouts

KHC Upcoming Dividend Payouts

KHC has not yet officially announced its next dividend payout.
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Metric KHC Rank KHC Avg Ranking Notes
Relative Strength 1 year return is at par with Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Overall Yield Attractiveness Yield is better than Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Dividend Reliability Payout ratio is considerably higher than industry average and peers
Dividend Uptrend Dividends are above average, growing as per Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
Earnings Growth EPS growth is at par with Benchmark/Peers/Broader Market/Analyst Expectations
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Growth History

KHC Dividend Growth History

Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Annualized Growth
Last 5 Yrs
Annualized Growth
Last 3 Yrs
Years of
13.0% 31.5% 3 years
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Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

KHC Historical Annual Dividend Data & Growth

Payout Amount Calendar Year Annual Growth
$2.9250 2016 31.5%
$2.2250 2015 4.7%
$2.1250 2014 4.9%
Historical Dividend Data

KHC Dividend History

Payout Amount Declared Date Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date ▼ Qualified Dividend? Payout Type Frequency
$0.6000 2016-11-03 2016-11-30 2016-12-02 2016-12-16 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.6000 2016-08-04 2016-08-24 2016-08-26 2016-10-07 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.5750 2016-05-04 2016-05-25 2016-05-27 2016-07-08 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.5750 2016-02-25 2016-03-16 2016-03-18 2016-04-08 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.5750 2015-12-08 2015-12-21 2015-12-23 2016-01-15 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.5750 2015-11-05 2015-11-12 2015-11-16 2015-11-20 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.5500 2015-07-02 2015-07-23 2015-07-27 2015-07-31 Yes Regular Quarter
$0.5500 2015-03-03 2015-04-08 2015-04-10 2015-04-24 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5500 2014-12-16 2014-12-23 2014-12-26 2015-01-16 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5500 2014-10-07 2014-10-15 2014-10-17 2014-10-31 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5250 2014-06-23 2014-07-09 2014-07-11 2014-07-25 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5250 2014-03-03 2014-04-09 2014-04-11 2014-04-25 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5250 2013-12-17 2013-12-24 2013-12-27 2014-01-17 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5250 2013-10-01 2013-10-09 2013-10-11 2013-10-25 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5000 2013-05-21 2013-06-26 2013-06-28 2013-07-12 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5000 2013-03-05 2013-03-26 2013-03-29 2013-04-12 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter
$0.5000 2012-12-10 2012-12-27 2012-12-31 2013-01-14 Non-Qualified Regular Quarter

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Company Profile

KHC Company Profile

Exchange: NASDAQ
Sector: Consumer Goods

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