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Pacific Coast Oil Trust Announces Cut in Dividend for December

Each day, companies across the globe announce new upcoming dividend payouts. Last week there were 27 securities that decreased dividends. You can find out the complete list of dividend increases, decreases, initiations, suspensions, updates and regular dividend announcements for a given day in our Dividend Payout Changes and Announcement tool.

Below we present an analysis of the stocks that decreased dividends last week. The latest payout is compared to the most recent payout to find out if there is a dividend decrease.

Following is a snapshot of the 10 major securities that decreased dividends last week.

The dividend capture strategy should not be applied to stocks that decrease/suspend dividend, as the probability of a decrease in price is higher for stocks that have decreased their payout post the ex-dividend date.

Stock That Suspended Its Dividend

Pacific Coast Oil Trust is a monthly dividend payer that recently announced it won’t distribute a cash dividend in the month of December. ROYT is a trust that has assets that produce Californian crude oil. On account of its low production volume, its break-even cost has increased, which has affected the trust’s profitability. You can find the complete press release by the company regarding the payout decrease in December here.

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