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General Motors (GM) Recalls 2014: A Complete List

For General Motors (GM ), 2014 was a rough year as far as vehicle recalls. In the first half of the year, on average the company announced a new recall once a week. The company also recalled more cars in 2014 than it has sold in the last seven years. GM has recalled more vehicles in 2014 than it has sold since its filed for bankruptcy in 2008.

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The Reasons for the Recalls

In the beginning of 2014, GM was faced with a recall scandal that involved issues with ignition switches. Since 2005, these defects led to 56 accidents and 29 deaths. GM was criticized for these defects since these issues were known about years before the recall – but GM avoided the recall to save cash.

The ignition switch recall accounted for over 20% of the 25 million vehicles recalled in 2014. The recall included Chevrolet Cobalts, Chevrolet HHRs, Saturn Ions, Saturn Skys, Pontiac G5s and Pontiac Solstices that were manufactured between 2003 and 2011.

Although the ignition switch recall was the most publicized of all of GM’s recalls, almost 80% of the company’s 2014 recalls were the result of different issues. Almost 30% of the recalls were a result of the ignition rotation, while 9.5% were for brake lamps.

General Motors recalled over 11 million vehicles in June 2014 – more than any other month in 2014. During the month of June, GM issued a 6.8 million vehicle recall and a 3.1 million recall for the ignition switch defect. On average, GM issued a recall every five days in June 2014.

Below is an overview of the 2014 recalls by month.

Recall Summary

Below is a full overview of GM’s recalls made in 2014.

The Bottom Line

The number of recalls that GM made in 2014 has made investors immune to the announcements. Although the company’s reputation has been compromised due to the defects and the ignition switch scandal, there has not been a major investor spook. The company did not leave its recalls behind it in 2014. On January 1, 2015, GM announced its first recall of 2015 – recalling over 80,000 vehicles for faulty ignitions.

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