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There’s no denying it, venerable General Electric is likely to struggle to remain within the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

With its second dividend cut in recent times, GE investors might want to look at alternative dividend candidates. The industrial manufacturer can no longer be considered as worthy for an income portfolio. But you know who can?’s Best Dividend Stocks List’s mega-manufacturer. With 59 years’ worth of consecutively increasing its dividend, our pick has the goods to keep your income stream alive in the wake of GE’s drastic dividend cut.

See the recent update on our pick here.

Driving those continued increases is one of the largest product mixes in the sector. The firm makes everything under the sun – from heavy-duty industrial equipment to household items. And increasingly, it’s selling those items all over the world. This includes a hefty dose of sales coming from faster-growing emerging markets. And with the global economy heating up, our dividend pick should be able to continue its pace of dividend increases, rising revenues, and profits in the new year.

With double-digit gains already booked for investors this year, the best days could still be ahead for our pick. And that should help investors forget about the pain at General Electric.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  1. Over $30 billion in sales last year, with around 60% coming from international markets.
  2. Has paid a dividend every quarter since 1916 and grown that payout for 59 consecutive years.
  3. Continues to thrive on innovation: awarded 668 patents in 2016 alone.
  4. Five-year average earnings-per-share growth of 6.5%.
  5. Great payout ratio of 52% and growing yield of 2%.
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