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Monthly dividend payer Realty Income (O ) moved up from 31 to 29 on the Most Watched Stocks List just ahead of its payout of 21 cents on October 31.

One of the very few REITs that pays monthly dividends, Realty has been on a tear since we launched our list. On July 25, Realty was ranked 34th. Since then, it has moved up five places. The top half of this list rarely shows any significant movement up or down. Realty, however, has been a standout performer in the top percentile of this list. Since July 25, the stock price has remained stable and the company has declared a payout of 21 cents for four months in a row. Stock price stability and a growing dividend income is every income investor’s dream. Since Realty has consistently delivered on that promise, dividend investors have kept adding this stock to their watchlists over the last few months.

Some food for thought for dividend investors on Realty:

  1. This monthly dividend payer has recorded 21 consecutive years of dividend increases.
  1. Consistent occupancy levels of over 96%.
  1. A yield that has consistently stayed over 4% for the most part over the last five years, while the share price has gone up 35%.
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