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Walmart (WMT ) and Target (TGT ) both climbed to the 27th position and the 25th position, respectively, in our Most Watched Stocks List last week.

Target increased its dividend by 3.33% and had payout of $0.62 (it went ex-dividend on August 14), putting it on track to record its 50th consecutive year of dividend increases. This means that the company will be a dividend aristocrat two times over at the end of the calendar year.

Walmart, on the other hand, is a few years behind in terms of consecutive years of dividend increases. Nonetheless, the company had an ex-dividend date last week with a payout of $0.51 and has another ex-dividend date in December, with the same payout. Walmart is one of very few companies that announces its ex-dividend dates at the start of every calendar year, giving investors a clear roadmap of when they can expect a dividend.

Other major companies to move up the Most Watched Stocks List were IBM (IBM ), which moved up two places, and Ares Capital (ARCC ), the diversified investments company, which moved up three places. Main Street Capital Corp. (MAIN ), another investment company, also moved up two places.

Our Most Watched Stocks List is a user-generated, interest-based ranking of dividend-paying stocks. Generated by our Premium members’ watchlists, it’s aggregated and ranked by the most watched criteria.

The list has been designed to help income investors navigate the top dividend stocks being tracked by one of the world’s most advanced investing communities. The stocks are generated by our Premium members’ watchlists, giving you a real-time snapshot of buying interest in the market.

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