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Dividend.com added an office supply company to the Best Dividend Stocks list and removed a consumer products firm.

Our chosen office products manufacturer is one of the largest suppliers and producers of pressure-sensitive adhesives in the world. By being one of the main go-to names for a variety of office needs, our newly chosen firm has continued to see strong demand from a variety of businesses and has built a long-term legacy of rising cash flows and dividends.

However, our new stock isn’t just about filling a boring yet profitable niche for offices. There’s plenty of cutting edge here as well. The stock has become a major supplier of products for the healthcare, logistics and technology sectors. These inroads into “high-tech” areas have continued to drive performance at our chosen pick.

The combination of steady demand coupled with continued growth in higher-margin businesses has allowed our newly selected firm to more than double its dividend since the end of the Great Recession. Moreover, this pace of dividend growth and expanding profits should continue for our new Best Dividend Stocks list addition.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  1. Increased its dividend by over 105% since 2009.
  2. Operations in more than 50 countries, with more than $6.1 billion in sales last year.
  3. Mega-winner from some of the biggest upcoming trends, such as rising healthcare demand and online shopping.
  4. Smartly using M&A to grow its core and higher-margined business segments.
  5. Steadfast payout ratio of 39% and a healthy growing yield of 2.13%.

Soft Removal of a Consumer Products Firm From the Best Dividend Stocks List

We added this global manufacturer of food to the Best Dividend Stocks list back in mid-2016. However, the firm has not lived up to our DARS model’s standards when it comes to price. Currency headwinds and several unforeseen revenue misses have caused the stock to suffer, and it has dropped roughly 18% from its 52-week high. Given our rules-based system, this has cut the firm’s relative strength score. However, the stock still features high metrics across all other DARS criteria and we remain very bullish on it.

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