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Railroad Monopoly Replaces 2016's Top Performer on the Best Dividend Stocks List

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Best Dividend Stocks

Our industry-leading Best Dividend Stocks list is comprised of the rock-solid dividend-payers that are poised to outperform today’s markets.

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High Yield Stocks

Dividend yield is one of the main factors to consider when investing in dividend-paying stocks, but watch out for “dividend traps.”

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Monthly Dividend Stocks

Close to retirement? Are you focused on cash flow? Derive regular income from stocks that pay monthly dividends.

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Railroad Monopoly Replaces 2016's Top Performer on the Best Dividend Stocks List

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DARS™ – Dividend Advantage Rating System

Our proprietary dividend stock rating system is called DARS™, or Dividend Advantage Rating System. We’ve used the DARS™ method to research, review, rate, and rank nearly 1,600 dividend-paying stocks. These proprietary dividend stock ratings are exclusively available to Dividend.com Premium members.)

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