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Your Homepage Formula, Building your Capacity and Client Retention

Every month, we bring you a curated list of must-read articles geared towards helping you grow your investment advisory practice. Industry veteran Kristan Wojnar uses her vast experience to handpick these articles after conducting thorough research. If you are looking for the right guidance to grow your practice, follow our Practice Management channel.

This week we are diving into the topics of what elements should be on your homepage, building capacity and client retention. First, we have a piece that outlines what should be on your homepage to engage clients and prospects to keep them scrolling through your site, as well as to ultimately book a meeting with you. Next up is a piece that looks at ways to build more capacity this summer and through the end of 2020. Our final piece this week highlights 9 reasons you may be losing clients and what to do to avoid it.

Questioning exactly what should be on your advisory practice homepage? This extremely helpful piece suggests an exact formula on what to include, from the copy to your graphics.

While the summer is beginning to wind down, this author provides excellent tips on how to build more capacity and efficiency in your advisory practice.

It is inevitable that some client relationships come to an end. Here’s a great read about why most financial advisors lose clients and how to retain them.

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