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Turning Up Your ChatGPT Knowledge

Every week, we bring you a curated list of articles hand-picked by industry veteran Kristan Wojnar to help you grow your investment advisory practice. Follow our Practice Management Channel to differentiate yourself with new ideas and build enduring client relationships.

ChatGPT is a topic you simply can’t escape. This week, we are focused on increasing your ChatGPT knowledge in the financial services space. Our first piece provides timely research about advisors who are using ChatGPT. Next on deck is a piece that provides ways ChatGPT can help financial advisors in their daily work. Finally, we are closing out the week with a piece that argues ChatGPT is not a threat to advisors.

What percentage of financial advisors are using ChatGPT in their practice and how exactly are they using it? Read on to find out.

If advisors leverage artificial intelligence to improve their efficiency, they might be more likely to succeed. This piece offers 10 game-changing applications for AI in financial advisors’ daily business activities.

The financial services industry has faced numerous technology threats throughout the years, and now ChatGPT raises new questions about what lies ahead for traditional financial advice. This author says ChatGPT is not likely to replace advisors anytime soon, but it can help them with the effectiveness of running their practice. Check it out.