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Maximizing Your Content Marketing, Writing Read-Worthy Emails and Powerful LinkedIn Tips

Every month, we bring you a curated list of articles hand-picked by industry veteran Kristan Wojnar to help you grow your investment advisory practice. Follow our Practice Management Channel to differentiate yourself with new ideas and build enduring client relationships.

We are digging into the important subjects of content marketing, writing emails that clients want to read and mastering LinkedIn this week. Our first piece up is a well-written piece on using content marketing to gain attention from highly qualified prospects on LinkedIn. The next piece this week looks at how to craft catchy emails that entice your clients and prospects to read on. Our final piece, also about LinkedIn, addresses the nuances of the LinkedIn algorithm.

If you are seeking a low-cost way to get the attention of qualified prospects in your niche, this author suggests that LinkedIn is the perfect place to begin your content marketing strategy. Check out these 3 ways to share content on LinkedIn.

Struggling to get your clients and prospects to actually read your emails? Read on for tips to write emails that prompt your clients to open and read your emails all the way through to the end.

It’s no secret that LinkedIn determines how widely your posts will be seen. This is a great piece that offers 8 tips to master the LinkedIn algorithm.

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