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Helping Clients With Philanthropic Wishes, Blog Post Lengths and Staying Visible During Volatility

Every week, we bring you a curated list of articles hand-picked by industry veteran Kristan Wojnar to help you grow your investment advisory practice. Follow our Practice Management Channel to differentiate yourself with new ideas and build enduring client relationships.


We are boosting your business this week with the topics of philanthropy, blog posts and staying visible. First and foremost we have a short but impactful piece about reactive and proactive giving. Next up is a piece about the ideal length of a blog post. Our last piece is a quick video about the importance of visibility during volatile markets.

As your clients look for ways to make a difference, it helps to understand the distinction between charity and philanthropy in their efforts. Philanthropic wishes have a strategy. Read on to learn about proactive and reactive giving to better serve your clients.


How many words is the ideal blog post? This piece uncovers the sweet spot for the best length. Take a look.


Visibility during volatility is vital. While phone and face-to-face meetings still prevail, it is imperative to also maximize your digital efforts. Check out this video for ways to both educate and reassure your clients.


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