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Timely Tips: Following Up, Virtual Prospecting and Building an Online Presence

Every month, we bring you a curated list of must-read articles geared towards helping you grow your investment advisory practice. Industry veteran Kristan Wojnar uses her vast experience to handpick these articles after conducting thorough research. If you are looking for the right guidance to grow your practice, follow our Practice Management Channel.

Our timely practice management tips for this week focus on following up, virtual prospecting and building your online presence. First up, we are looking at a piece that offers ways to improve your follow-up. Next, we have a piece that covers overcoming the challenges of virtual prospecting. Our final piece for this week highlights why it is crucial for advisors to build an online influence.

What is the best way to follow up with clients and prospects without being annoying? Read on for 5 fantastic tips.

Virtual prospecting is a hot topic and with it comes its fair share of challenges. Check out this piece for common challenges and solutions for overcoming them.

Now more than ever, your online influence is critical. This author provides ways to build your online influence that ultimately help to create trust and transparency with clients.

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