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Evolving, Delegating and Connecting

Every month, we bring you a curated list of must-read articles geared towards helping you grow your investment advisory practice. Industry veteran Kristan Wojnar uses her vast experience to handpick these articles after conducting thorough research. If you are looking for the right guidance to grow your practice, follow our Practice Management center.

This week we are looking at how advisory practices are changing during the COVID crisis, becoming a delegator and the importance of connecting with both spouses in your client relationships. Our first piece looks at how our industry is evolving during the pandemic. Our next piece this week focuses on empowering your inner delegator to maximize your productivity. The last piece we are looking at this week concentrates on the importance of focusing on both spouses in your client relationships.

There’s no doubt the financial industry has changed. Advisors’ businesses are continuing to evolve and financial advisors are taking good care of clients during this pandemic. Here’s a great piece about positive changes that are happening.

- How Advisory Practices are Evolving During Shelter in Place

Are you a perfectionist? When you are a perfectionist in your business you become your own worst enemy by doing it all and not delegating. This can be a productivity disaster. Check this piece out to empower your inner delegator.

- Moving from a Perfectionist to a Delegator in your Advisory Practice

We see the statistics often. Neglecting the wife in couple relationships is dangerous for financial advisors. The COVID-19 crisis just may be the perfect time to reach out to both spouses together. This piece provides 4 ways to connect with her.

- The Importance of Connecting with Both Partners in Client Relationships During the Pandemic

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