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New Residential Investment Corp and Global Net Lease Decrease Dividend

Often, during times of financial stress, stocks, REITs and funds cut their dividend payouts. Use our new tool, Propelor, to track your future dividend income and better manage your portfolio when REITs like New Residential Investment Corp. cut or suspend dividend.

Below, we present an analysis of key securities that announced a cut in their dividends and are going ex-dividend this week. The latest payout is compared to the most recent payout before the dividend cut.

You can find the latest ex-dividend dates for the securities that interest you in our Ex-Dividend Date Search tool. Get a complete explanation of the ex-dividend date, record date, payment date and declaration date here.

Find out which securities went ex-dividend with increased payout yesterday here.

Note: Market Cap and dividend yield figures are as of market close on Tuesday, April 7.

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