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Playing the Market’s “Split Personality” with Dividend Stocks

Aaron Levitt Nov 14, 2019

This past week was the latest IMPACT conference presented by brokerage firm, Charles Schwab (SCHW ). The conference is designed to provide financial advisors and RIA’s insight into new market strategies, products and practice management issues. And as one of the largest and most well-known conferences, it attracts a variety of keynote speakers.

This year, one of the more common themes for the presenters was the economy’s “split personality.”

Data remains mixed. Some pieces of the market continue to thrive, while others have started to show some serious contractions. That’s caused many investors to question just exactly what is going on and its causing plenty of confusing when it comes to investing strategy.

But there is one-way investors can get through this bifurcated market. And that’s dividend stocks. Dividend payers have proven time and time again, that in periods of malaise, they remain topnotch. For playing the common theme at IMPACT, dividends are key.

Check our Schwab IMPACT 2019 Channel on our sister site MutualFunds.com to catch the latest updates from the event.

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