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As the bulk of the Q3 corporate earnings reports has been released over the last two months, expect the first week of December to be calmer, but the market will be on alert to take note of the labor market condition, which boasts a historically low unemployment rate and continued to deliver strong job openings over the last few months.

While a handful of corporate earnings is scheduled to be released this week, most of these are not on the radar of typical investors. However, pay attention to the Broadcom Limited (AVGO ) earnings on Wednesday. After Broadcom made the biggest tech buyout offer to Qualcomm Inc (QCOM ) earlier in November, analysts will be on the edge to scrutinize their Q3 cash flow and balance sheet to see how high their management might be ready to acquire the semiconductor maker.

Nonetheless, by Friday, the economic talking points should refocus on the labor market situation, as by Thursday we will already know the jobless claims figure from last week. Since the Black Friday and Thanksgiving online sales in the United States surged to record highs this year, it will be interesting to see how that affected temporary job creation in the economy as it could provide investors clues about what to expect during the coming Christmas holidays.

Check out last week’s Market Glance here, in which investors focused on earnings releases from a number of major Canadian banks.

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