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Medtronic Moves up 3 Places as Investors Add It to Their Watchlists

Anish Sharma Sep 12, 2017

Strong earnings and an upcoming dividend payout caused dividend investors to add this stock to their watchlists last week.

Growth in its diabetic division wasn’t up to the mark, but the company still saw its earnings rise by almost double digits in its first quarter. Diabetes as a segment is the smallest of the four segments in which it primarily operates, with the other three being the cardiac & vascular group (which is the biggest) followed by the minimally invasive therapies group and restorative therapies group.

Medtronic (MDT ) expects full-year revenue growth of 4-5% and EPS growth of 9-10%. Last week, the Dow fell due to hurricanes Harvey and Irma battering the Gulf coast, which also could have triggered interest in defensive stocks. Buying healthcare is as good as it can be when it comes to getting exposure to non-cyclical businesses.

Other major stocks that saw their ranks move up were Home Depot (HD ), on account of hurricane Irma, Kimberly-Clark (KMB ), on account of a dividend payout, and a property management REIT that is hitting new 52-week highs. Last week was pretty muted as there weren’t any significant changes amongst the rankings.

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