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Stock News: Analyst Moves for August 5 - HDNG, K & More

Below are the dividend stocks that were subject to analyst moves before the bell. Analysts weigh in with insight and commentary as to what you can expect going forward.

1. Hardinge Inc. Upgraded by Sidoti

Machine tools producer Hardinge Inc. (HDNG) saw its stock upgraded to Buy from Neutral on Tuesday afternoon, with Sidoti setting a price target of $11. Finishing Tuesday’s session at $8.30 (no change) Hardinge’s adjusted dividend yield is 0.96%, with an annual payout of $0.08 (paid quarterly). The stock is 36.59% from its 52-week high.

2. Kellogg Co. Upgraded by Societe Generale

Kellogg Co. (K ) was upgraded by Societe Generale on Wednesday, with the bank putting the stock on their Hold list. Their new price target is $69. The cereal giant announced that it would be removing all artificial flavors from its cereals. Finishing Tuesday’s session at $67.50 (up 2.2%), Kellogg’s adjusted dividend yield is 2.96%, with an annual payout of $2 (paid quarterly). The stock is 3.41% from its 52-week high.

3. Allstate Upgraded by Macquarie

Property and casualty insurer Allstate (ALL ) was upgraded to Neutral by Macquarie on Wednesday. No target price was supplied. Finishing Tuesday’s session at $62.34 (down 10.1%), Allstate’s adjusted dividend yield is 1.92%, with an annual payout of $1.20 (paid quarterly). The stock is 14.45% from its 52-week high.

4. AmTrust Financial Downgraded by Compass Point

AmTrust Financial (AFSI) saw its stock downgraded on Tuesday, with Compass Point shifting their rating to Neutral. Their new price target is $70. The company recently confirmed the purchase of Dutch insurer N.V. Nationale Borg-Maatschappij for €154 million. Finishing Tuesday’s session at $71.08 (up 1.6%), AmTrust’s adjusted dividend yield is 1.41%, with an annual payout of $1 (paid quarterly). The stock is 1.10% from its 52-week high.

5. Apple Downgraded by Bank of America

Technology giant Apple (AAPL ) was downgraded to Neutral by Bank of America on Wednesday. No price target was supplied. This rating change comes at a time when concerns have been raised over the security of Mac OS X. According to a number of news sources, bugs in the operating system could mean easier root access. Finishing Tuesday’s session at $114.64, Apple’s adjusted dividend yield is 1.81%, with an annual payout of $2.08 (paid quarterly). The stock is 14.79% from its 52-week high.

6. Advance Auto Parts Downgraded by Evercore Partners

Advance Auto Parts (AAP ) received a Hold rating from Evercore Partners on Wednesday. The new price target is $179. Finishing Tuesday’s session at $175.10 (up 0.7%), Advance’s adjusted dividend yield is 0.14%, with an annual payout of $0.24. The stock is 0.57% from its 52 week-high.