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The Loneliest Dividend Payers

In case you haven’t noticed, at, we’re always working to improve the tools and educational resources available to free and premium users alike.

One of our latest improvements has been an overhaul of the main Dividend Stocks page; you can now easily slice-and-dice the equity universe by sectors as well as industries.

Through these improved sector pages, investors can see right away how many stocks are in each sub-industry as well as the average dividend yield for that corner of the market, helping to simplify the security-selection process. Keeping this new functionality in mind, below we’ve compiled a list of the “loneliest” dividend-payers; that is to say, we’ve featured each and every company that is alone in its industry.

In other words, when looking at the “Company Count” column, we’ve gone through each of the nine sectors and all of their various sub-industries that are comprised of just a single stock. Be sure to also read’s Guide to Finding Underpriced Dividend Stocks.

Below, you will find the loneliest dividend stocks, what industry they belong to, as well as their history of dividend increases:

Loneliest Dividend Payers

Now, let’s take a brief look at each of the nine loneliest dividend-payers and what they do.

9. Quality Systems {% dividend qsii %}

Started in 1974 and based out of Irvine, California, Quality Systems operates four divisions that focus on everything from streamlining operations for dental offices to hospitals. The company provides various web-based and in-house systems used for providing financial management and billing, as well as client services like claims submission and other related support services.

8. Plantronics {% dividend plt %}

Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, Plantronics designs, manufactures, and distributes audio communications equipment for businesses and consumers alike. The company’s most recognizable products are lightweight wireless office headsets as well as ones designed for mobile devices [see also 10 Big Tech Stocks that Pay a Dividend].

7. Wayside Technology Group {% dividend wstg %}

Originally founded in 1982, Wayside Technology Group resells hardware and software products developed by other firms, including ones from Intel (INTC ). The company offers products used for visualization, networking, software development, security, database modeling, as well as a variety of other technical functions.

6. Meredith Corp {% dividend mdp %}

Founded in 1902 and based out of Des Moines, Iowa, Meredith Corp operates as a media conglomerate. The company’s operations include everything from magazine publishing, brand licencing, digital and mobile media, as well other marketing related functions; MDP also operates a number of local television stations.

5. Genuine Parts {% dividend gpc %}

Established in 1928 and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the Genuine Parts company specializes in the distribution of replacement parts for cars and other industrial machines. Don’t let its dull name and “lonely” status fool you, this company has been raising its dividend for 57 years in a row, making it a worthy consideration for any conservative income-focused investor [see also 25-Year Dividend Increasing Stocks].

4. Hastings Entertainment, Inc. {% dividend hast %}

This company has been around since 1968; it is based out of Amarillo, Texas, and it operates several hundred superstores that buy, sell, trade, and rent a number of home entertainment products. The company’s lineup of offerings includes books, music, software, digital media, video games, and a variety of consumer electronics devices.

3. PetMed Express Inc. {% dividend pets %}

Founded in 1996 and based in Pompano Beach, Florida, PetMed Express is, as the name suggests, a drug delivery company for house pets like cats and dogs. The company operates an online pet pharmacy selling both prescription and non-prescription medications along with other nutritional products for animals [see also Companies That Don’t Do What You Think They Do].

2. Chemed Corp {% dividend che %}

Founded in 1970 and based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Chemed Corp operates two subsidiaries, one of which is the nation’s largest provider of end-of-life hospice care services, known as VITAS Healthcare Corporation. CHE’s other line of business is Roto-Rooter, which is a leading provider of plumbing repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial markets.

1. Skyline Corp {% dividend sky %}

Established in 1951 and operating out of Elkhart, Indiana, Skyline Corp designs, produces, and markets manufactured housing, modular housing units, as well as recreational vehicles like travel trailers and RVs to independent dealers throughout the United States and Canada. The company’s product lineup is quite diverse, offering housing products of all shapes and sizes that are known for their durability.

The Bottom Line

When shopping around for a dividend stock, being aware of the competition is vital. The improved functionality of the sector and industry pages can help you with the security-selection process by offering a quick look at the number of companies operating in each corner of the market, as well as the average dividend yield for that particular asset class. Be sure to thoroughly look under the hood of a stock before pulling the “buy” trigger so that you may uncover any blemishes prior to allocating your capital.

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