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Evan Cooper, a Contributing Editor at Dividend.com, is an award-winning financial journalist. After reporting on business at The Miami Herald, Evan worked on Wall Street at the New York Stock Exchange, the Securities Industry Association and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He was Editor-in-Chief of On Wall Street, a publication for financial advisors, research editor of Institutional Investor, and Deputy Editor of InvestmentNews, where he was honored by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers with a “Best in Business” award for his online opinion column.

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Big Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

For a while, since the investment returns of Harvard and Yale universities were so outsized,...

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Why Big Market Slides Don’t Mean Personal Catastrophe

The stock market has been booming of late. But amid the happiness that accompanies swelling...

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Profiting From the Dogs of the Dow: An Update

Most winning stock market strategies tend to lose their effectiveness over time, assuming they...

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Placing a Bet on Where Repatriated Profits Will Go

If you’re a dividend investor, which I assume you are, and you buy into the assumptions I’m about...

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Taking a Chance on Brazil

First it’s hot. Then it’s not. Now it’s getting warm.

Perhaps that’s too terse a summation of...

Premium Interestrateslowerhigher

Maybe Interest Rates Actually Are Headed Lower

One of the main assumptions currently being made about the economy is that interest rates will...

Premium Boomorbust

Don’t Bet on a Market Boom Just Yet

Interest rates are on the rise, economic growth is picking up and the stock market should do...

Premium Bestfundmanager

These Are the Best Fund Managers, But Don’t Bite Just Yet

It’s totally rational to seek out the best managers to guide your portfolio assets. On the other...

Premium Timeforanotherlook

Time for Another Look at Preferred Stocks

Like closed-end funds, preferred stocks are one of those relative backwaters of the investing...

Premium Rethinking

Rethinking the Case for Uncorrelated Assets

During the financial crisis, correlations among asset classes thought to be relatively...

Premium Dividendgrowth

Where to Look for Dividend Growth Now

Despite the popularity of dividend investing, the pace of dividend increases has slowed steadily...

Premium Lesson%20learned

Lessons From the Brains at BlackRock

BlackRock (BLK ), the world’s largest investment company, has a “problem.” I put that word in...

Premium Real%20estate%20market%20cycle

Where We Are in the Real Estate Cycle

Back in the “old days,” which in this case refers to the period before the 2008 financial crisis,...

Premium Wallstreet

Your Forecast Is as Good as Wall Street’s

Cynical, but always worth remembering, is this fundamental rule regarding Wall Street: Any...

Premium Pileofcoins

Are We Paying Too Much for Dividend Stocks?

One of the downsides of popularity, at least as far as investments are concerned, is that when...

Premium Gigeconomy

Why the Gig Economy Could Create More Dividend Investors

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, I’m sure that everyone hopes the new administration’s...

Premium Stockmarketbubble

A Theory Explaining Stock Market Bubbles

What if one of the cornerstones of modern finance, the efficient market theory, was sort of right...

Premium Retirementplan

Your Retirement Nest Egg Can Be Smaller, Maybe

One of the pillars of modern financial planning is the so-called 4% rule. It refers to the...

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Do You Need Emerging Markets Stocks?

Something interesting has happened to emerging markets stocks over the years: to a large degree,...

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Why Real Risk Involves Valuation

Financial academics define risk as volatility. But while a stock or a mutual fund that bounces...

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How Did Your Dividend Investments Do in 2016?

On an absolute basis, it’s easy to see how any dividend stock you own performed last year.


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Be a Buffett Dividend Investor

There are three ways to invest like the legendary Warren Buffett.

If you have $244,000 or...

Premium Shutterstock 523853647

Is There a Robo Advisor in Your Future?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the low-cost, automated portfolio management platforms known as robo...

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Investment Theories as Science – and Baloney

Investors who have been at it for more than a few years realize that separating the wheat from...

Premium Shutterstock 536988112

A Voice of Reason on Indexing’s ‘Danger’

You’re probably unaware, but if you own an index fund in addition to your dividend stocks you are...

Premium Shutterstock 519309598

Beware When Taking Dividends Out of IRAs as RMDs

Contributing money to an IRA or a 401(k) plan is easy. Taking the money out? Not so much.


Premium Shutterstock 313530245

Putting the Fed Rate Hike in Perspective

You probably noticed that the world didn’t come to an end when the Federal Reserve raised its key...

Premium Shutterstock 484646629

When to Stay Away From ETFs

Exchange-traded funds are a great way to get diversification at a low cost, and have been a great...

Premium Shutterstock 531122998

Is Infrastructure Spending a Good Dividend Play?

It’s hard to know how much of the incoming Trump Administration’s proposed infrastructure...

Premium Shutterstock 530701300

Don’t Fall Prey to Cyber Fraud

With all the online gift buying going on at this time of year, you’ve probably read a lot about...

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How a QLAC Can Take the Pressure off Dividends

If you plan to use your dividend stocks to generate income in retirement and have concerns that...

Premium Shutterstock 390178585

Be Your Own Investment Fiduciary

Probably the hottest issue in the financial advice business these days is a new regulation...

Premium Shutterstock 421002352

Do Well, Do Good, Earn Dividends

An investment approach that professionals once believed would appeal only to granola-loving...

Premium Shutterstock 505567411

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

Sometimes old advice is the best advice. And one bit of ancient, but still winning, investment...

Premium Shutterstock 519477640

Looking Abroad for Dividend Income

The post-election stock market upsurge here in the U.S., as well as the focus on the Italian...

Premium Shutterstock 517858843

Dividends and Alternatives: Does the Marriage Work?

In this era of low returns, the investment world’s best minds – of which there are so many due to...

Premium Shutterstock 527353945

Saving for Retirement? Save More

Your assumptions about how big your retirement nest egg should be are probably all wrong.

If it’s...

Premium Shutterstock 444483784

Buffett’s Retirement Advice With a Twist

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett’s folksy personality and Midwest practicality belie the fact...

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Women, Dividends and Financial Advice

If you’re a woman, this one’s for you. And if you’re a male financial advisor, this column is for...

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Cheap, Boring and Rewarding DRIPs

If you want to boost your savings rate, save money and feel a bit retro in the process, you...

Premium Shutterstock 519935608

Buying an Annuity vs. Building Your Own ‘Annuity’

The ‘annuity puzzle’ is a term used in the financial services business to describe a paradox in...

Premium Shutterstock 518941663

Protect Your Health and Increase Your Dividend Income

“When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.”

My grandparents used to say...

Premium Shutterstock 486840688

Earn Big Dividends by Refinancing Your Mortgage

Interest rates have been creeping up a bit since the election, including the rate that affects...

Premium Shutterstock 179140829

Why End-Of-Year Organizing Is Worth the Effort

Some people are natural neat freaks, others not so much. I’m in the latter category, but on the...

Premium Shutterstock 185592020

Does It Make Sense to Buy Gold?

What’s the smarter move right now, buying gold or selling gold?

Most of the smart money is in the...

Premium Shutterstock 344265242

Rising GDP? Falling Inflation? Take the Numbers with a Grain of Salt

If the recent election demonstrated anything, it’s that there is wisdom in not putting too much...

Premium Shutterstock 486048193

Three Dividend Levers That Won’t Change Under Trump

Based on what Trump said during his campaign, there’s no harm in identifying potential winners...

Premium Shutterstock 105432542

A Plea for Plain English in Investing

Have you ever heard the term “smart beta”?

The use of it and other bits of financial jargon is...

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How Vanguard Won the Investing War

I remember a securities industry conference many years ago when the subject of index funds came...

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Don’t Forget to Look at Closed-End Funds

If there’s one area of the investment world that offers some of the greatest potential for...

Premium Shutterstock 258594551

Want Faster Growth? Let’s Get Canadian

Most Americans are so U.S.-centric in the way we perceive the world that our blindness to all...

Premium Shutterstock 128870041

How to Make Sense of Real Estate Investing

For dividend investors, real estate stocks have long been a favorite source of high current...

Premium Shutterstock 33016663

Converting Assets to Income: We Can Do It Better

When is $1 million worth about $22,000?

The answer is, in retirement. How the math works, why so...

Premium Shutterstock 379786975

Bond Market Woes Could Spell Stock Opportunities

It’s been axiomatic – since basically forever – that as interest rates fall, the stock market...

Premium Shutterstock 200290379

It's 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Dividend Accounts Are?

That headline – for those not old enough to remember – is a take-off of a public service...

Premium Shutterstock 112959457

Identifying the Next Grey Swan Event

What unlikely event or events could happen from now through the end of the year that would cause...

Premium Shutterstock 305308904

Active vs. Passive: There’s still no answer

Since passive investing came on the scene with the introduction of the first index fund on Dec....

Premium Shutterstock 381129700

Big Change Coming on October 14 to Money Market Funds

Given the dismal state of interest rates, they haven’t been thought of as an asset class for...

Premium Shutterstock 399435655

Warning Signs on the Investment Horizon

Aside from those who decide to sell shares solely to rustle up immediate cash, the stock market...

Premium Shutterstock 396097762

How to Avoid Being Sunk by the Market

Investors in their prime earning and saving years – from about age 45 to 60 – have a view of...

Premium Shutterstock 198494135

Seizing Opportunities in India

While China is what immediately dominates the conversation when investors talk about...

Premium Shutterstock 349776407

How Much Dividend Income Will You Need in Retirement?

You would think, after all these years, a financial planning professional could figure out how...

Premium Shutterstock 474102805

Some News to Cheer Dividend Investors, Sort of

Feeling glum about your returns? Even if your dividend stocks are doing well, do you feel as if...

Premium Pfizer%20logo%201

The Last Chapter in a Big Pfizer Plan

The news from Pfizer Inc. (PFE ) at the end of last November landed like a bomb.

The New...

Premium Vote%20with%20background%20poc

Why a ‘No’ Vote Is the Best Revenge

Our modern version of shareholder capitalism is a curious institution.

The shareholders of public...

Premium Yale university logo

You vs. Yale and Harvard: What’s Your Return?

As it turns out, the manicured quads of the Ivy League aren’t all that different from the...

Premium Wells%20fargo%20branch

The Public Shaming of Wells Fargo

These have been tough times for Wells Fargo (WFC ) and company Chairman and CEO John G. Stumpf.


Premium Dividends%20money

Buying Dividend Stocks for “Free”

The investment tactic I’m about to share could probably be dismissed as a mere mind game.

If so,...

Premium Visa%20mastercard%20amex%20picture

The ‘Fed-Cred’ Way to Growth

There’s such a simple, easy and powerful way to get the economy booming again that I’m surprised...

Dividend University

The Dividend Scandals You’ve Never Heard About

Did you hear about the company where an inside ring of employees tampered with a quarterly...

Premium Dividends%20jar

What Are Your Dividends For?

Sometimes the most basic, and seemingly idiotic, questions can be the most illuminating. So let...

Premium Bond%20market

The Bond Roots of Equity Woes

When you get down to the financial heart of the world economy, it’s all about credit.

The stock...

Premium Shutterstock 113824207

Saving for Retirement in a Gig Economy

September 15th is just around the corner.

For those who are self-employed in any way, shape or...

Premium Shutterstock 400496725

When an ETF Liquidates

Like many other financial products over the years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – mutual...

Premium My%20money

When Cash Isn’t Trash

At about 0.11%, the annual interest earned on an average bank savings account would be pathetic...

Premium American%20airlines%20plane

What Does It Mean to Be a Great Airline?

Airlines traditionally aren’t the greatest dividend stocks. Southwest Airlines (LUV ) and the...

Premium Dividend%20compass

Dividends Aren't Doomed

As much as I’m captivated by a good tale of gloom and doom, I’m also a skeptic.

So after seeing...

Premium Active%20or%20passive%20roadway

What If Most Investing Became Passive?

Given the ever-increasing popularity of passive investing and the flood of money that has poured...

Premium Nest%20with%20money%20and%20ira

Why You May Want to Move Your IRA

Next April, barring last-minute moves by Congress, anyone who provides advice to a retirement...

Premium Reit%20

Watch Out for REIT ETF Changes

If you own any financial sector exchange-traded funds or are thinking of buying shares in such...

Premium Savings%20in%20a%20wool%20sock

Keep on Socking Away Money

If you’re buying dividend stocks as part of a retirement savings plan, keep up the good work.


Premium Expect%20vs%20result%20

Are Your Investment Expectations Realistic?

Wall Street and professional investors such as pension funds tend to be smug about how...

Premium Bull%20to%20bear%20correction

When Dividend Storm Clouds Brew

Late August afternoons in the Northeast and Midwest are often punctuated by thunderstorms.


Premium Dividend%203d%20compass%20image

Low-Priced Stocks, Big Dividends

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

If you’ve ever watched Antiques Roadshow on PBS, you can’t help but...

Premium Advisor

How To Choose A Broker/Advisor: Part 3

In today’s final column of our three-part series, we discuss the characteristics of advisors who...

Premium Advisor

How To Choose A Broker/Advisor: Part 2

Last time, in the first of our three-part series on selecting an advisor, we discussed the main...

Premium Advisor

How to Choose A Broker/Advisor: Part 1

Even if you have already decided that you are a dividend-oriented investor and can handle...

Premium Where to invest

Getting Dividend Via Mutual Funds and ETFs: Part 3

In this conclusion of our three-part series on the different ways of owning dividend stocks, we...

Premium Where to invest

Getting Dividend Via Mutual Funds and ETFs: Part 2

Is it better to own dividend stocks directly, through mutual funds, or as part of an...

Premium Where to invest

Getting Dividend Via Mutual Funds and ETFs : Part 1

Oh, for the good old days of dividend investing when you bought a few quality dividend stocks,...

Premium Recession indicator

The Restaurant Recession Indicator

If there’s one thing that long-time investors have come to know about Wall Street brokerage...

Premium Slowmarket

Looks Like Flat Times for Stocks

According to some giant investors, we’re not likely to see much in the way of returns from stocks...

Premium Retirement plan

The New Retirement Plan: Never Retire

My retirement plan relies on you continuing to read these columns and Dividend.com continuing to...

Premium Convert bond

Convertible Bond Owners Beware of Tax Hike

Our messy and extraordinarily complicated tax code is poised to snare a number of income-oriented...

Premium Smart investing

A Different Approach to Smart Investing

Paul Bouchey has smart advice for ordinary investors: Outsmarting the smart guys now requires a...

Premium Reit

A REIT With a Wrinkle

If you are an income-seeking client of an advisor who is affiliated with an independent brokerage...

Premium Shutterstock 411626038%20copy

How CEO Pay Cuts into Yours

The last time I tackled the issue of excessive CEO compensation, some readers mistook my sarcasm...

Premium Bondmarket

What the Bond Market Is Telling Us

For now, the environment for dividend stocks and dividend investors looks good. Looking ahead,...

Premium Etf

Be aware of ETF Kinks

Exchange-traded funds have become enormously popular as a result of their low cost and the...

Premium Chart updown

The Brexit-Dividend Connection: Trouble Ahead?

So far, so good. That’s been the reaction of equity markets to the U.K.’s decision to leave the...

Premium Brexit updown

Post-Brexit: Is up Down?

It’s not just the political pundits who got “Brexit” wrong.

Premium Chartup growth

Be Boring and Win at Investing

Turns out that the most plodding, least interesting and easiest investment strategy may be one of...

Premium Retirement

A Bleak Look at Retirement Savings

An aging client base facing disappointment with your service and a shrinking human-resource base....

Premium Utilities power

Utilities Thumb Nose at ‘Smart Money’ Once Again

For the sheer joy of outsmarting smart money, you’ve gotta love owning dividend-paying utility...

Premium Britain brexit

Brexit – a Few Mornings After

Don’t panic. Stay invested. Wait and see.

That’s the general theme of messages being delivered to...

Brexit boat

It’s Post-Brexit; Now What?

The unlikely has happened. Acting on their frustrations with a political class deaf to their very...

Premium Photodune 4306845 money xs

Those Expensive Dividend Stocks

According to many historical measures – and a recent utterance by Federal Reserve Chairwoman...

Premium Shutterstock 313474802

Dividends and Taxes

How do you hold your dividend stocks?

Because of the impact of taxes, having your dividend payers...

Premium Dividend etf

Looking Inside a Dividend ETF

Inside this month’s edition of the eponymous magazine Morningstar publishes for financial...

Premium Screen%20shot%202016 06 15%20at%204.06.29%20pm

Thoughts on Microsoft’s LinkedIn Buy

Since it sits on $100 billion in cash, Microsoft’s decision to buy LinkedIn for $26 billion...

Premium Fund%20manager

Hedge Fund Managers Losing their Luster

I’ll admit that taking joy in the current woes of hedge fund managers doesn’t place me on the...

Premium My%20money

Supposing Cash Isn’t Trash

With interest rates thinner than Saran Wrap, conventional wisdom suggests that maintaining cash...

Premium Shutterstock 708025

More About the Robo-ization of Dividends

Dividend investing is on the verge of a major change.

Dividend investing is about to benefit from...

Premium Shutterstock 229999303

CEO Pay Falls—Who Knows What Chaos Awaits?

Average compensation among corporate America’s 200 highest-paid chief executive officers fell by...

Premium Shutterstock 309698870

Guarding Against Irrationality

No doubt I’m biased, but I believe that having a dividend-orientation is one of the most rational...

Premium Shutterstock 135758483

Americans’ Economic Not-So-Well-Being

In addition to its full-time job of trying to guess the optimal rate of interest, the Federal...

Premium Shutterstock 143874403

A Dividend Lesson from the Science Talent Search

When I was in junior high school in Brooklyn in the 1960s, the really smart kids in science and...

Premium Photodune 1218291 stock trading xs

Dividend Investing and the Capital Cycle

Since rotten market timing is the hallmark of practically every investor, including the pros,...

Premium Shutterstock 95143168

Dividends for Your Health

If you’re 45 years old, you and your spouse are probably starting to think more seriously about...

Premium Cashflow

Hold Onto Your Bucks

Dividend investors like receiving cold, hard cash every quarter. Most don’t actually see cash, of...

Premium Photodune 514786 stock market diagram xs 300x212

Mutual Funds for the Long Haul

Dividend-oriented investors who own mutual funds — either as part of their dividend strategy or...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%281%29

Mad Money Can Make You Angry

Most financial advisors have nothing but disdain for CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Premium Untitled%20design

Dividends Are Good, Truth is Even Better

One great advantage of dividend-oriented investing is that your returns are clear and fairly...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%281%29

The Bottom Line on BDCs

Today’s topic is business development companies (BDCs), whose yields—which now approach or exceed...

Premium Stock%20market%20image

Choosing Stocks or ETFs for Dividends

Which investment vehicle makes the most sense for dividend-oriented investors: individual...

Premium Economic%20hill%20image

Reaching the Crest of the Economic Hill

It looks like the economy is running out of gas. Or maybe it’s the slowdown in acceleration that...

Premium Stock%20market%20bubble

The Stock Market Bubble

What would you have done in 2006 or early 2007 if someone knowledgeable pointed out that a bubble...

Premium Retire%20image

Work Longer, Live Longer, Have More Money

If you turn out to be fortunate enough to live a long and relatively healthy life, you’ll need...

Premium Recession

Recession as a State of Mind

With mainstream economics cloaking itself with mathematical formulae to give the appearance of...

Premium Dividends%20image

The Heart of Dividend Investing

For most dividend-oriented investors, a desire for income rather than capital gains is the...

Premium Manufacturing%20image

The End of Manufacturing

Many of America’s great dividend-paying companies are manufacturers. In fact, when we think of...

Premium Recession%20feature%20image

How to Tell If a Recession Is Coming

Back when baby boomers were kids and life was much simpler (actually, it wasn’t really simple,...

Premium Balancing%20portfolio

Rethinking Rebalancing

What if eating your vegetables and getting regular exercise turned out to make not one whit of...

Premium Bull%20bear%20market

A Slowdown and a Better Market

If you try to take in as much financial information as you can, and try not to limit your input...

Premium Retirement%20image

Thinking Smarter About Retirement

Two recent studies should serve as giant red warning lights for anyone over 40.

Premium Bonds%20feature%20image

Advice From a Bond Pro

If you’re someone whose investment taste buds perk up on analysis that is more vinegar than...

Premium Untitled%20designkliuluilui

A Critical Look at Three Dividend Pickers

Profiles of three dividend-oriented mutual fund managers and their three winning funds recently...

Premium Financial%20planner%20image

A New Era in Financial Advice

On Wednesday, a new ruling from the Labor Department went into effect that profoundly changes the...

Premium Untitled%20design0405

Having Courage to Go Your Own Way

It pays to be weird.

Premium Stuffed%20wallet%20image

Too Much of a Good Thing

High corporate profits and generous dividends.

Premium Board%20of%20directors%20image

Need a Board Director? Hire Me

Since April is proxy season, I may be a little late. But if any of you reading this column are...

Premium Retirement%20feature%20image

Our Fuzzy Thinking About Retirement

Are we crazy?

Premium Stock%20charts%20image

The View From the Dividend Front

What would dividend stocks look like if you viewed them the way a fixed-income analyst looks at...

Premium Flag%20of%20finland

What We Can Learn From the Finns

In ways big and small, Americans can learn a lot from other countries. In many areas, including...

Premium Research%20feature%20image

Using Wall Street Research Like a Pro

Gretchen Morgenson, the award-winning financial journalist at the New York Times, recently wrote...

Premium Lazy%20guy%20on%20sofa

When Lazy Is Just as Good as Smart

In today’s unusual investment environment, negative interest rates are not merely theoretical but...

Premium Untitled%20design215

Wyoming, Here We Don’t Come

Should I stay or should I go?

No, I’m not about to break into song, but it’s a question I should...

Premium Schadenfreude%20feature%20image

The Germans Have a Word for Hedge Fund Losses

Leave it to the Germans to come up with a word for the pleasure you feel at someone else’s pain:...

Premium Flag%20of%20china

Connecting the Chinese Dots

After more than four decades in journalism, I’ve come to see my craft as a type of non-fiction...

Premium Family%20working%20together

Bearing the Pain of the Next Recession

One of the lessons that normal family life should teach is that family members pull together when...

Premium Wisdom%20feature%20image

Questioning Some Conventional Investment Wisdom

Growth, not income.

That’s the conventional wisdom regarding the optimal investment orientation...

Premium Less%20is%20more%20image%203

Learning to Be Happy With Less

If there’s anything that famed architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is remembered for — aside from...

Premium Businessman%20holding%20red%20card

A Troubling New Study — and Fiduciary Responses

A new research study by business school professors at the University of Chicago and the...

Premium Financial%20advisor%20feature%20image

What Are You Looking for in an Advisor?

The financial advice industry is in a state of alarm because a key ground rule is changing that...

Premium Expert%20feature%20image

When the Experts Are Not so Expert

Dividend stocks are overpriced. Higher interest rates mean that utilities have nowhere to go but...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%2889%29

What the Election Portends for Dividends

No matter who winds up in the White House in January 2017, look for dividends to come under...

Premium Taxes%20ahead%20image

More Worries for Oil Patch Investors

Behavioral finance has a term for it: regret theory.

The theory holds that since investors...

Premium Dividends%20feature%20image

Combining Two Good Investment Ideas

We all know that dividend investing is a profitable strategy over the long run. The record also...

Premium Bank%20feature%20image

What If the Big Banks Were Broken up?

It’s one thing when the most leftist candidate in the presidential race calls for the breakup of...

Premium Bad%20surprise%20feature%20image

When Surprises Are Negative

Two things that investors really prize are stability/predictability and happy surprises.


Premium Untitled%20design%20%2870%29

Why Buying Time Is Not yet Nigh

Coming on the heels of a rotten January and a dismal early February, an unusually optimistic...

Premium Cheap%20oil%20feature%20image

The Portent of Cheap Oil

Let’s pray that the drop in oil prices has touched bottom and that prices will rise.

No, I’m not...

Premium Wall%20street%27s%20potholes

Avoiding Wall Street’s Potholes

Simon Lack used to pick hedge funds for JP Morgan, so he knows quite a lot about these...

Premium Photodune 2725308 wall street xs

A Capitalist Plan for Bank Reform

The presidential campaign has sparked much discussion about Wall Street.

On the left, there’s the...


Your Dividend Portfolio: What If Jeb Were President?

Editor’s Note: This is one of three columns that examine how the election of Jeb Bush, Hillary...

Premium Oil%20drums%20feature%20image

Oil Majors Carry on — for Now

The recent fourth-quarter earnings reports from BP (BP ), Chevron (CVX ) and ExxonMobil (XOM )...


Your Dividend Portfolio: What If Bernie Were President?

Editor’s note: This is one of several columns that examine how the election of the leading...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%2850%29

If You’re Curious About Smart Beta Funds

One of the latest developments in the mutual fund world has been the introduction of so-called...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%2849%29

Three Cheers for Larry Fink

Laurence D. Fink, co-founder and chief executive of BlackRock, Inc. (BLK ), acted like a true...


Your Dividend Portfolio: What If Donald Trump Were President?

Editor’s note: This is one of two columns that examine how the election of Hillary Clinton or...

Premium Photodune 1218291 stock trading xs

Smart Money May Not Be So Smart

The next time you lament that you’ll never do as well as the smart money or that your approach to...

Premium Utilities

Maybe the Monetary Emperors Are Naked

For a crystal clear analysis of the economy and markets, there’s no better observer than...

Premium Work%20man%20sitting%20back

Managing the Trouble Ahead for Dividend Stocks

If you got rattled after reading the recent Barron’s story about the dimming luster of dividend...

Premium Downward%20trending%20chart

How to Tell We’ve Hit Bottom

The crazy thing about the efficient market theory is that so many rational people believed — as...

Premium Barrels%20of%20oil%20feature%20image

The Depression in Oil

The other day I drove over to my favorite gas station to fill up. I say favorite because the...

Premium My%20money

Look for a 16% Market Gain This Year

I bet that headline grabbed your attention, especially in light of the dismal and frankly...


Your Dividend Portfolio: What If Hillary Were President?

Editor’s note: This is one of two columns that examine how the election of Hillary Clinton or...

Premium Untitled%20design%20%2815%29

Dividend Good Times May Be Winding Down

The long, sweet summer for dividend investors may be turning into autumn.

Don’t get me wrong; a...

Premium The%20big%20short%20book%20cover

Putting the Spotlight on Wall Street

Too bad “The Big Short” didn’t win a Golden Globe award. The statuettes, given by entertainment...

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Do You Know What Your Advisor Is?

The scene was New Year’s Eve dinner with friends. One of the two other couples with whom my wife...

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How China’s Slump Will Affect Dividend Investors

As far as U.S. markets go, 2016 started out with a thud. Equity prices have dropped as the first...

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Requiring Fewer Dividends in Retirement

Conventional retirement wisdom holds that you’ll need to replace 80% of pre-retirement income in...

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Dividends and Income Inequality

The fact that income in the United States is so unequally distributed has never really bothered...

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When Illiquidity Pays

As we’re currently seeing in the roiling high-yield market, packaging illiquid investments such...

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Investment Alchemy: Making the Illiquid Liquid

Quickly turning an investment into cash, or easily switching out of cash and into another asset,...

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Paying the Price for Liquidity

The announcement last week that Third Avenue Management would liquidate its Third Avenue Focused...

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Grantham's 8 Unpleasant Facts for 2016 Investors

Americans have a “broad and heavy bias away from unpleasant data,” says renowned investor Jeremy...

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Three Huge Lessons From Men's Wearhouse

If you were a regular TV watcher at the end of 2012, you probably saw a bearded George Zimmer in...

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What a Dividend Expert Sees for 2016

An old joke poking fun at the efficient market theory has an economist walking down the street...

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Examining 2016's Silver Linings

As much as I’m a patsy for gloom and doom, I’m also enough of a contrarian to like an unusually...

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James Glassman: A Smart Guy's Stock Picks

James K. Glassman is a smart guy and a well-known writer. He’s the founding executive director of...


Dow and DuPont Tag Team for 200 Years of Dividend Payout

In what may be one of the more rational mergers of late, the heads of Dow Chemical (DOW ) and...

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Wall Street: Even Hungrier for Your Money

If you have an account with a brokerage firm or bank that provides advice from a specific...

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Time To Take A BDC Chance?

Business development companies, like other closed-end funds, are one of those quirky corners of...

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How Central Bankers Could Cut Your Dividends

If British bookies are betting on whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates...

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A Dividend Lesson From Coal

Pity the poor coal industry. While its product is still used to generate just under 40% of the...

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An Optimistic and Political Take on Equities

In the old days of the 18th century, the social science we currently call economics was known as...

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Making a Dividend-Smart Beta Connection

If you’ve heard about smart beta (also known as strategic beta) and think it’s a great, new way...

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5 Reasons for Dividend Investors to Give Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving: the best holiday of the year. (The fact that it sometimes falls on my...

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How a Break-Up Could Affect P&G Dividends

If you listen to Wall Street, you would think that mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other...

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The New Irish Pfizer and Dividends

Regulators will give it a thorough screening – and its tax implications will become a political...

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A Slower Trading Venue for Dividend Investors

Are individual investors—especially those who invest for the long run—like most dividend...

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Why You’ll Need More Dividends in Retirement

One of the major reasons investors choose a dividend-oriented approach in managing their...

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Creating a Dividend “Pension”

Let’s discuss pensions, and how building a dividend portfolio can help provide retirement income...

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Investors’ Second May Day

The investment landscape’s second most significant change in more than 40 years may soon be...

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How to Outperform a Hedge Fund

If you’re thinking of investing in a hedge fund, perhaps the best advice anyone can give you is...

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Why Time = Money

It’s easy not to like corporate raiders, a.k.a. investment activists. Investors like Carl Icahn...

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The Volkswagen Lesson for Dividends

Volkswagen AG’s (VLKAY) current 3.9% yield in U.S. equity markets can teach dividend-oriented...

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Two Cheers for Activists — and Trends to Watch

Make no mistake about it. When activist investors like Carl Icahn and Nelson Peltz talk about...

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What Dividends Really Teach Us

Simplicity. Whether or not that quality is a priority on the agenda of dividend investors, it...

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The Rise of Robo-Advisors

You may have read about, or perhaps even use, a “robo-advisor.” These are the algorithmic-driven...

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Time to Revisit Closed-End Funds?

If you have patience, courage and the fortitude to zig when everyone else wants to zag, now may...

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Cramer vs. Cramer vs. Reality

Maybe you watch Jim Cramer on CNBC and enjoy his bombastic views on the market, but pretty much...

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To REIT Or Not to REIT

In a yield-hungry world, there’s no denying that the dividends offered by real estate investment...

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A Bigger Problem Than Rising Rates

Whether or not the Federal Reserve raises interest rates next week when its Open Market Committee...

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They’re America’s Hot Investments

Believe it or not, the hottest investments in town these days are…drum roll…30-year...

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Another Advantage of Dividend Investing

One of dividend investing’s most attractive attributes is its simplicity: you buy a stock, you...

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Bringing Back Glass-Steagall

If you’re younger than 90 and not a bank regulation groupie, there’s a good chance you didn’t...

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Why JNJ is Under the Weather

Poor Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). The huge diversified pharmaceutical company—and a favorite of...

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Let’s Play Fantasy Dividends

A whiff of Wall Street scandal has come to the world of fantasy football. Recently, a New York...


Acknowledging GE Giant Reality

Whenever you see the name Nelson Peltz, it’s usually preceded by the adjective “activist.” And...

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The Impact of the “N-Coupon” Bond

And you thought things were already weird.

On Monday, the U.S. Treasury sold a new three-month...

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When ETFs Won’t Save You Money

There’s growing awareness among investors that exchange-traded funds are a lower-cost way to...

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Receiving the Cablevision Signal

Even those who have never heard of the stand-up comedian Henny Youngman probably have heard his...

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The Bubble Question

These days, nothing is like it used to be — not even so-called stock market bubbles. The most...


The Volkswagen Warning

Does an international blue chip yielding more than 4.3% sound like a good deal?

Maybe not, since...

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A Fresh Look at the 4% Rule

In 1994, William Bengen, a financial planner in San Diego, made a major contribution to the way...

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Entering the Economic Twilight Zone

If you think that after the current stock market volatility calms down things will get back to...

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The Changes Coming to 401(k)s

From its origin as an obscure wrinkle in the tax code, 401(k) plans have grown to become America’...

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The Future of Dividend Stocks

I don’t have a crystal ball or a bunch of models or mathematical proofs to make my point, but I...

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Getting the Best Stock Price

The ability to press a button on your computer and buy and sell shares of stock throughout the...


An Awful Lot of Problems in Brazil

Brazil is once again a junk country. No disrespect to the 200 million Brazilians, it’s just the...

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Put Your Dividend House in Order

What good will all your dividend success be if your significant other or others don’t know...

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You and the Disembodied Stock Market

Sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, as finance rather than commerce became America’s chief business,...

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Better and Worse: Your Performance and the Market's

Professional money managers — financial advisors and portfolio managers alike — have often...

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How to Cope with a Market Decline

Even if punctuated with days of spectacular gains, the next little while looks like it’ll...

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Memo to Fed: Just Do It

All the maybe-we-will and maybe-we-won’t comments from the Fed about raising interest rates later...

Id 100309321

Happy Days: Are They Here Again?

What a difference two days makes. From the panic of Monday’s precipitous fall and the seeming...

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If the Bear Is at the Door


Tuesday wasn’t supposed to turn out the way it did. The market started out with a full...

Id 100121023

The Market's Cratered: Now What?

I’m about to make a disgusting analogy, so if you are easily put off, jump ahead to the section...

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Support From Mr. Gloom

For me, bearishness is as bracing as a gulp of iced tea on a hot day. That’s why there are few...

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Big Changes in the Grocery Aisle

America’s big-name food companies have traditionally been generous dividend payers. That may be...

Id 10096237

How Robos Will Change Investing

You’ve probably been reading about — and maybe even using — the automated wealth management...


Lesson from the Ukraine Hackers: Wait

The story of the Ukrainian stock market hackers is a riveting blend of Wall Street chicanery,...

Id 10035384

The Meaning of a Waner Yuan

China’s 1.9% devaluation of its yuan Tuesday roiled markets around the world.

There is a lot to...


A Stronger Dollar Bites

Having the world’s reserve currency has been a pretty good deal for the United States. The buck...


The SEC’s Executive Pay Rule and Dividends

The contentious issue of corporate CEO compensation came under the microscope again yesterday...

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Investing for the VERY Patient

Id 100238666

Trouble in the Oil Patch

The past couple of days have not been kind to the oil business. Last Friday, giants ExxonMobil...

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Puerto Rico's Lessons for Dividend Investors

Dividend investors — first cousins to income-seeking bond buyers — can take a lesson from Puerto...

Photodune 2405184 stock market xs

China's Market Meltdown: Part II

Still in a bit of a funk after Monday’s 8.5% decline in the Shanghai Composite Index, investors...

Photodune 514786 stock market diagram xs 300x212

It’s 1929, Shanghai Style: Part I

The Shanghai stock market fell about 8.5% Monday, and U.S. stocks declined as investors here got...

Photodune 4976142 up and down arrows xs

Don’t Be So Sure About a Rate Rise

It’s tough to be a contrarian these days, as I noted in a recent column. But Dr. Lacy Hunt — the...

Photodune 6535638 trade xs

Lessons from Big Blue and A&P

The juxtaposition was unsettling.

Tuesday’s lead story in The Wall Street Journal’s Business...

Photodune 6678649 contrarian investor xs

What’s a Contrarian to Do?

Zig when markets zag. Buy when there is blood on the streets.

Those are the fundamental...

Photodune 514786 stock market diagram xs 300x212

What To Do When Lots Can Go Wrong

Early Monday morning, the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International...


To Coke or Not to Coke

Here’s an ethical issue on which I invite your input because I have no clear-cut answer: Should...

Pg newphase logo rgb hr

The New Clean Look at P&G

Since profits from Febreze are much sweeter than those from the sale of parfums, dividend...

Photodune 2725308 wall street xs

Lessons From Three Crashes

Wednesday was a crash trifecta.

First, there was a drop in Chinese stock prices, coming on the...

Photodune 6535638 trade xs

Converting Capital to Income

As a dividend-oriented investor, you are probably more likely than most to understand that for...


Athens on the Caribbean: Puerto Rico’s Lessons

While the Greek debt mess unfolds half a world away, another debt mess is looming much closer to...

Photodune 801102 money xs

A Counterintuitive Greek Lesson

Now that Greece has defaulted, will we see the return of the drachma? Will Germany and the...


Greece and Dividend Investors

Winston Churchill once said that Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing – after...

Photodune 3504050 money xs

BlackRock's Fink: Savings-Dearth is a Crisis

When the head of the world’s largest money management firm says that his industry has been...

Photodune 801102 money xs

Why Dividends Are Like Broccoli

Yes, the first President Bush hated broccoli and banned it from the White House and Air Force...


REITs and BDCs: A Wilder Dividend Ride

If dividend-oriented investors could be compared to an item of clothing, I’d pick a charcoal gray...

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The Macro Reasons Are Clear for Dividend Growth Stocks

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