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U.S. Elections: Impact on Retirement Planning

Presidential elections often bring plenty of changes. New regimes will seek to create policies on a variety of fronts, from societal and tax changes to new business regulations. A change in leadership can move the country in a new direction. The 2020 Presidential Election is no different. With Joe Biden winning the hand recounts and Electoral College, his presidency should be marked with plenty of change.

This includes the retirement planning and investment fronts.

Through his policy points, Biden has already mentioned several key pieces of legislation that could significantly impact the retirement planning community. This includes changes to Social Security, taxes on investments, and even retirement plans such as 401ks and 403bs.

While many of these changes will need to face Congress for approval, the chances of some points passing are real. For investors and their advisors, thinking ahead to what Biden may do is just smart planning.

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Biden’s Overarching Theme

401K and Retirement Savings

Social Security

Investment and Corporate Taxes

The Bottom Line