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Trending: Three Top Performing Retirement Income Funds analyzes the search patterns of our visitors every two weeks to find the top trending funds. By sharing these trends with our readers, we hope to provide insights into what the financial world is concerned about and how to position your portfolio.

First, we select the top trending category from more than 200 categories listed on based on the percentage increase in monthly viewership. From the top trending category, we select the top three funds with the highest one-year trailing total returns. To ensure the quality and staying power of funds, we only look at those mutual funds with a minimum of $150 million in assets and a track record of at least three years. We also remove those mutual funds that are closed to new investors and are not available for investment outside registered accounts such as retirement or 529 accounts.

In this edition, we take a closer look at trending retirement income funds for investors. As the category name implies, the primary objective of retirement income funds is to generate income for investors who are soon to be, or currently, retired from the workforce. They are also more commonly known as target-date funds because the allocation of assets between equities and bonds changes as the fund matures from a greater weight in equities early on to more conservative fixed income assets as it reaches its set target date.

These funds invest in a basket of assets that includes equities, bonds, cash, and other fixed income products. The primary objective is to provide a steady, predictable income stream while mitigating risk.

Our breakdown of each fund includes key aspects such as one-year performance, performance from inception, fund expenses, investment strategy, and management team to give you an overview of how these funds hold up against their peers.

Be sure to check out the Retirement Income Funds page to find out more about the other funds in this category as well.

Trending Funds

DRIUX Barchart Interactive Chart 05 12 2020
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