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Tontines: The Latest Retirement Planning Craze

One of the toughest problems in retirement planning has to be longevity. It’s a blessing and a curse. Making sure a portfolio’s assets last long enough to cover longer lifespans is particularly challenging. However, there could be an old-school solution to the problem—a very old school solution.

We’re talking about tontines.

The contracts originally designed to fund wars during medieval times are attracting serious attention from the financial planning and defined benefit community. With lower costs than annuities, less risk for issuers, and the potential for decades’ worth of growing income, tontines may be coming to a benefit plan or brokerage near you.

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What Exactly Is a Tontine?

Better Than an Annuity

Annuity vs tontine payout

Taking a Hard Look at Tontines

The Bottom Line