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How to Save for Retirement if You’re Self-Employed

Nearly 30% of Americans had some kind of self-employment in 2019, according to Gallup and Intuit’s Gig Economy and Self-Employment Report, while 14% relied on self-employment as their primary income. While COVID-19 has likely produced significant temporary changes, the growth in self-employment and the gig economy remains intact.

There are many reasons for choosing self-employment, including greater flexibility or income potential, but one of the most common downsides is the lack of an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Unlike an employee that has a 401(k) or pension plan, self-employed individuals are on their own to save for retirement.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways for self-employed individuals to save for retirement.

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Determine How Much You Need

Choose the Right Type of Account

Find a Strategy to Be Successful

The Bottom Line