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How Is DOL's Rule on Lifetime Income Illustrations Going to Help You?

When it comes to retirement, there are two parts. Investors understand the first part quite well: that’s savings. It’s easy to understand that we all need to save for retirement, sock away money, invest in a portfolio of assets, etc. And while building a portfolio can be a complex undertaking, most people know they need to do it to retire.

The second part of retirement is a bit trickier. That’s turning your savings into a stream of income that will last throughout your Golden Years. The problem is most investors have no idea what kind of income their savings will generate or if they are even saving enough to hit a certain ‘income’ level.

Luckily, the Department of Labor has your back.

Thanks to new rules, investors will now start seeing revised income projections on a host of their investment accounts. Those new projections and governing rules could finally solve the income puzzle for many savers.

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Great News for Savers

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