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Fidelity Sees Future Retirement Savings in Annuities

Saving for retirement is a relatively easy proposition. Dump money into an account, compound over the long haul, rinse and repeat. The problem continues to be turning that pool of money into a steady income once we enter our golden years. There are a lot of money variables. And now with longevity becoming a major hurdle to our savings, annuities are being tapped by pundits, advisors, and individual investors to meet the income challenge.

And mega-sized asset manager Fidelity seems to be meeting the challenge.

Thanks to a set of recent proposals and platform upgrades, Fidelity is making it easier for investors in workplace plans to buy annuities to meet their income needs. And with that, the firm has stepped ahead of rivals and could have a powerful new tool for asset gathering.

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Fidelity Readies its Platform

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