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Annuities Could Help With Sequence Risk

Truth be told, it has been pretty easy to retire over the last decade or so. The reason has been the continued upward swing of the markets. For many retirees, the surge in stocks and bonds has meant their portfolios have grown while withdrawing money. But the latest recession worries, high inflation and downward trending equity/bond prices have meant that an old foe has come back to roost.

We are talking about sequence risk.

Sequence risk represents a huge issue – one that can seriously derail even the most diligent savers. But luckily, there are solutions to overcome the issue. One of them happens to be annuities. And now could be one of the best times to consider the option if you are about to enter your golden years.

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Sequence Risk In a Nutshell

Annuities to the Rescue

Adding an Annuity