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Introducing Ad-Lite to Premium Members

Dear Premium Member, is committed to providing comprehensive dividend stock research information. We strive to take you “beyond the headlines,” to dispense high-value dividend insights that you won’t find anywhere else. But we can, and will, do more for our users.

Introducing Ad-Lite: a brand new experience for our Premium members with no extra fees and no upgrade costs. This new feature will be automatically applied to your ongoing subscription without any extra steps on your end.

You can expect a significant 75% reduction in ad space and an easier time focusing on the insights that matter. With the launch of the Ad-Lite feature, we guarantee a clean, non-disruptive research experience. We will also focus on limiting advertisements to those that are most valuable and insightful to you.

We hope the newly launched Ad-Lite feature will make a real difference in your onsite experience.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can reach us here.

Kind regards, Team