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Getting to Know Growth, Value, and GARP Stock Investments

There are a number of different and effective investment styles and strategies that investors use, but the three most common are: growth, value, and growth-at-a-reasonable-price (GARP). Factors such as company size, market sector performance, the price-to-earnings ratio, dividend distributions, and more are all considered when evaluating a stock for each of the three investment strategy types. Building your ideal portfolio means having a mixture of different stock types and investment strategies in order to maintain proper diversification.

In order for you to understand where growth, value, and GARP stocks belong in a portfolio, you’ll need to have a fundamental understanding of each one. Below, we go through all three types of equity investment strategies and show you what the benefits and risks are as well as how to screen for the type of stock you want to add to your portfolio.

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Growth Investing Overview

Value Investing Overview

GARP Investing Overview

Final Considerations