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From Underdog to Overachiever: The Rejuvenation of Consumer Staples in Turbulent Times

If you could sum up 2024 in one word, it would have to be uncertainty. Economic conditions have been mixed for several months now, while the Federal Reserve can’t seem to get a grip on inflation and its rate policies. And in all of that uncertainty, volatility has once again come to roost in the major indices. Investors looking to find good positions for their portfolios seem to be at a loss.

But there may be one sector that is currently offering a port in the storm, providing income, stability, and a touch of growth.

Consumer staples have held up well in the current environment. While consumers have cut back on discretionary purchases, items like toothpaste, packaged food, and toilet paper continue to be bought. Moreover, staples stocks have started to see growth via strategic spin-offs, buyouts, and changes to brands/packaging. For investors, the sector could be just what they need to make it through the malaise.

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