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Golden Opportunities: Why 2024 Could Be a Turning Point for Gold Miners

While Bitcoin and other digital currencies have captured investors’ fascination recently, particularly with the flurry of spot priced ETFs, the original store of value has been surging as well. Gold had an impressive year in 2023 and the new year promises to be strong as well. Various factors—including stubbornly high inflation—have continued to drive prices higher. This includes reaching new all-time record highs.

However, the glitter that gold has seen hasn’t necessarily translated into stock performance. The gold miners have been a bit tarnished as the precious metal has surged.

But that could change. Input costs are starting to fall amid the higher price environment. At the same time, rising M&A, as well as surging demand from central banks and emerging market nations, has continued to support robust gold prices. The combination leaves plenty of cash for the gold miners, which they could use to pad their price-linked dividends.

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