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Travel & Leisure Stocks Could Be a Bright Spot for Dividends

It’s no secret the economy is starting to feel the pinch from higher prices and rising inflationary pressures. Consumers are starting to pull back and ‘pricing power’ measures are only going so far to help on the corporate front. As a result, investors are facing a quandary when looking for good stocks in the current environment. But an unlikely hero is starting to emerge as a great place to find growth and income during the current malaise.

We’re talking about travel and leisure stocks.

While it may seem counter-intuitive given the pressures, the travel & leisure sector is booming. Thanks to a combination of post-pandemic demand from both business and leisure travel, profits and revenues for hoteliers, airlines, and other destination stocks have increased in spades. More importantly, dividends for the sector have surged too. With the recent growth, the sector offers an interesting value in the current market.

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