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COVID-19 impacts to business


Omicron May Not Be a Worry for Investors

The COVID-19 crisis has been a rollercoaster to say the least; first emerging in the winter of 2019, the coronavirus has been a tough nut to crack. Thanks to its virulence, the virus quickly spread, resulting in lock-downs, economic strife and a high rate of transmission across the world. And just when we thought the crisis may be moving towards a closure, a new variant of the virus has made its way into the world.

And Wall Street isn’t pleased. Thanks to Omicron’s transmission and adverse effects, analysts are now postulating if we could be in for another round of lockdowns, quarantines and overall lower economic activity. Stocks have sold off over the last week or so on the latest outbreak.
But should we be concerned? Or is this an opportunity to buy a year-end dip to bolster our portfolios?

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