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Aerospace and Defense Stocks Offer Defensive Dividends Against Uncertainty

If you’ve checked your portfolio lately, there’s a good chance that you’re a tad bit seasick. There’s a lot of uncertainty heading into the fourth quarter of the year. We have rising coronavirus cases and resurgence of COVID-19, brinkmanship in Washington, mixed economic data, and declining consumer confidence. We can’t forget the issues with the Federal Reserve and the rise of inflation/interest rates. It’s enough to make most investors run for cover. In that, investors may want to consider getting defensive with their portfolios.

Literally, with defense stocks.

The aerospace and defense complex is one of the only industries that can boom during both uncertainty and economic expansion. It’s proven that during the last year throughout the pandemic. Spending and contract wins were right on par with previous years. Going forward, a huge bipartisan budget and continued private sector growth should propel the sector throughout whatever the next year sends its way.

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