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Introducing the Revamped Premium Center

Advancement and innovation are built into the core of everything we do. Which is why is proud to announce a refresh of the premium user experience on our website.

Click here to access the premium center.

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We’ve revamped the look and feel of our premium center that only premium members of the site can access. The new look is designed to be more visually appealing for paying members. Additionally, our UI designers have been working hard to deliver a seamless user experience. All of our popular content and tools can now be viewed across a multitude of mobile and desktop devices with the same premium feeling.

This refresh begins when users log into the premium center located under the ‘Account’ tab.

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A new user’s ‘Settings’ page allows members to quickly update their personal information, change payment methods, and toggle between various subscription options. All are designed to make the ‘bookkeeping’ aspect of being a member easy and less of a chore.

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The visual refresh continues in the actual premium center, which is now designed to deliver our top-notch content and tools in a more intuitive manner. Investors can now spend less time searching our site and more time researching strategies, selecting potential securities, and reading articles that better suit their financial goals. Investors will quickly be able to hear the latest news as well as find out what’s popular with other premium members.

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This includes our redesigned Dividend Watchlist. The tool has been updated to provide an easier to read table and enhanced user experience. The more intuitive looking table will allow users to quickly compare their favorite investment opportunities on a variety of tracked metrics. Even better is that users now have the ability to add exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds in addition to stocks to the table. The number of ETFs has exploded in recent years and now provides ratings on the hundreds of dividend-focused funds. Investors can easily track them right along with dividend stalwarts and other investor opportunities to find the best fit for their portfolios.

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Overall, the team at strives to provide the best content and tools to our users. The latest visual refresh to our premium center is another example of how we’re delivering on that goal. With the new premium center, users can ultimately make better financial and portfolio decisions and meet their goals.