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Concept of a passengers rocket for space tourism


Are There Dividends on the Moon?

If there’s one thing investors love, it’s a good trend. And these days, space travel could be the trend of the moment. With billionaires making initial voyages, NASA looking at returning to Mars and SPACs/IPOs of space-related stocks hitting the market in spades, we’ve certainly gone gaga for the extraterrestrial. So, it’s natural for investors to seriously wonder about space travel and if there’s any real validity to the trend.

Are the space stocks all hype, or are they really worth investing in? And more importantly, is there any way dividend investors can cash in?

The answer may be a tentative yes. Space represents the final frontier and one that we’re quickly moving to conquer. However, it’s not without risks. Most of the sector is fraught with firms that most certainly go bust. But there are a few ways for more conservative investors to get exposure and potentially profit from space madness.

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