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Leading Retailer With More Than 40 Years of Dividend Growth Strengthens Its Position on Best Dividend Stocks List

The COVID-19 pandemic really created a market of winners and losers. Nowhere was that more prevalent than in the retail sector. Those firms that spent big on logistics, developed omnichannel solutions, boosted e-commerce and built out digital apps were handsomely rewarded over the last year. Customers flocked to these retailers as they looked to stop the spread, reduce infections and get the goods they needed.

And it seems that customers couldn’t get enough of our Best Dividend Stocks List retailer.

Already one of the largest retailers on the planet, our pick only strengthened its position during the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to its combination of low prices and digital transformation, our pick managed to add customers, grow its overall revenues and see its e-commerce sales surge over the last year. Driven by online grocery “click & collect” and delivery services as well as new free two-day shipping deals, our pick managed to see its total revenues surge to a whopping $500+ billion last year.

The best part is customers have continued to stay with the firm’s offerings now that the pandemic is easing and the economy is growing. Online and digital sales surged by more than 30% during the first quarter of fiscal 2022. That’s very impressive considering the size of our pick.

In addition, our pick has other avenues to grow as well.

This includes digital advertising across its heavily visited website as well as launching a series of private-label brands in new categories, such as consumer gadgets and electronics goods. Already, these items are proving to be a success with customers with market share and sales growing steadily. With consumers spending about $1 trillion on personal electronics and gadgets per year, there’s a lot of revenue to be had for our pick.

Add in its consistent dividend and buyback increases and you have a recipe for investor success.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  • It is one of the largest retailers in the world with over 11,000 stores.
  • Its huge moat and recession-resistant nature allows it to pull in over $500 billion in sales!
  • Continues to win the omnichannel retailing war with new tech upgrades and programs.
  • It increased its dividend for decades – growing its payout by over 10% during the last five years.
  • Healthy payout ratio of 40% and growing yield of 1.56%.

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