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Omnichannel Retail Giant With 10+ Years of Dividend Growth Strengthens Position on Best Dividend Stocks List

We all know that omnichannel and e-commerce dominated retailing channels during the pandemic. As we quarantined, stayed at home and worked from our living rooms, “click & collect” became a way of life for many consumers. In the post-pandemic world, the name of the game is actually having a product. Thanks to pent up demand and COVID-19-related shortages, the theme this year is making sure you actually have the goods consumers want.

And our top Best Dividend Stocks List pick in the retail sector is doing just that.

Our forward-thinking retailer has already sensed that COVID-19-related shortages and supply chain issues could linger throughout the year and into the critical holiday season. To that end, it’s already begun doing some drastic and perhaps unheard of things to secure supplies for the season, including hiring its own containerships specifically for its stores. This move is designed to alleviate the supply chain issues at the nation’s various ports and get product onto its shelves. This will truly give it an edge during the upcoming holiday season.

Not that our pick needs more of an edge.

Already, our pick’s moves into omnichannel retailing have paid off big time. Thanks to its upgrades in tech and logistics, our retailer has been able to record booming sales figures, monster profits and reward its shareholders. Earnings jumped by a whopping 85% last quarter alone.

Dividend increases and buybacks have continued to grow as well.

And now with its moves to secure product in tow, our pick should have more of an edge heading into the critical holiday shopping season and make it a destination for consumers.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  • Sales jumped by more than 30% during the most recent quarter, to reach well over $30 billion!
  • Has continued to navigate the omnichannel waters with ease – using its massive store footprint, informational tutorials and online applications.
  • Forward-thinking attitude has allowed our pick to foresee product shortages and react accordingly.
  • Steadily paid a dividend since its IPO and grew its payout by nearly 10% at the start of the year.
  • Healthy payout ratio of 52% and growing yield of 2.08%.

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