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As Electric Vehicles Mature, There’s Income to Be Had

While driving around this weekend, I noticed something. Plastered against the walls of every parking garage were big signs advertising the availability of charging stations for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. No longer regulated to being a fringe product of the automobile industry, EV’s are quickly becoming a standard option for car buyers. Growth has been explosive and we’re approaching the tipping point of the engine type.

That’s all good news for dividend seekers.

No longer just the realm of tech start-ups and risky growth stocks, plenty of more ‘mature’ firms have taken up the EV mantle. And when stable firms have the ability to cash in on high growth, dividends tend to follow. For income seekers, the tipping point for electric vehicles and the sheer number of mature companies now dotting the marketplace is the signal to electrify their income.

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